There are some things that we have built into our human nature to trust here in American culture. For example, we don’t all quite understand the engineering behind the bridges around the United States but most of us, pending a few, of course, are able to trust the structures to hold us up while we cross them in our vehicles. …

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Skilled Motorcyclist Escapes Death Five Times In Five Seconds! WTF?!


They say some people have all the luck and you will certainly believe it after watching this video! We join in on a nice drive as the motorcyclist takes a spin through his local town. One of the key things about being a motorcyclist is that you must always be prepared for whatever gets thrown your way. Fortunately, this motorcyclist …

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Outrageous Motorcycle Street Race Lands The This Guy In Jail! WILD!


There are a handful of motorcyclists who have no concern for the law as long as they are feeding their thirst for the wild side. In this video we check out a fierce motorcyclist who decided to take his BMW M3 out for a wild ride. The mental BMW M3 motorist performs high-risk maneuvers and runs countless red lights while …

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Whoa! Biker Lands On Car Roof After Head-on Crash!


A brutal head-on crash throws and flips this biker unto the car roof in a quite amazing fashion. The way the biker ended up in the roof almost looked like a stunt in a movie whilst the bike probably left out as junk with such strong collision impact. Good thing is despite being an idiot reckless biker, he was able …

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This Festival In Berlin Is A Paradise For Custom Bikers!


Pure And Crafted Festival is one of Berlin’s most highly anticipated events and it was specifically made for Custom bikers! Motorcycle enthusiasts from all over the world gathered for the very special event to witness some of the finest custom built motorcycles! This 12 minute long video will give us a ride through Berlin to witness some of the insane …

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Snitch testifies against Hells Angels Member


Police snitch testifies at Project Forseti trial for Hells Angels member SASKATCHEWAN, CANADA ( December 5, 2016) — A drug dealer turned police snitch took the stand Monday for the first time in connection with Project Forseti, a months-long drug investigation that targeted the hells angels and Fallen Saints Motorcycle Clubs in Saskatoon. Snitch Noel Harder told the court he …

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This Walking Bike Is Sure To Leave You Scratching Your Head!


Just when you think you have seen the wildest and craziest custom build someone else comes out with a unique and interesting build. In this video we meet a university student with and eye and passion for building unique creations. He wanted something that would stand out among the many cars and bikes his friends were driving. As a result, …

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