Will Boeing 747 Jetblast Blow Over a Car? Hell YEAH!


Users of aviation forums the world over, armchair enthusiasts and pilots from all walks of life have long debated the realism of such a situation with many insisting that operators have always exaggerated the effects of jetblast for the purpose of ensuring safety. The following videos demonstrate how much damage thousands of pounds of engine thrust can actually cause.

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Vintage German Motorcycles of 2012 Concours d’Elegance

german motorcycle

Really it’s incredible to see this much history in one place. If you’ve never been to Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, put this one on your bucket list. Mark every Concours event on every channel who broadcasts these events. Prepare for your brain to melt. Only the finest machines ever built by man will ever grace this fairway, and all entrants …

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Huge Smoke Screen Blinds Cars And Causes Massive Crash!

dont drive behind smoke car

He drives through a smoke screen right into the back of a car! Wow, we did not see that coming. He was going way to fast for someone that has no idea what’s in front of him! The car was making so much smoke you couldn’t even see it until you hit it. You can’t even see the taillights lit …

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This Crazy Slow-Mo Pile Up On Snowy Streets Will Leave You Breathless!

car pile up

To an inexperienced driver, snowy roads are a nightmare. Even if you drive carefully, it doesn’t mean that you’ll arrive home safely, and that’s the unfortunate truth. Don’t believe us? OK, but we have a video which might just change your opinion. Prepare to be amazed! It comes from Montreal, Canada, and it was insane. Obviously, the drivers weren’t quite …

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The Indestructible Knife Test

mora knife

The Mora Robust is (obviously) a robust fixed knife. The blade is thicker than that of other Mora knives, so it can be used for heavy duty. The rubber handle is ergonomically shaped and offers good grip. Because the blade is made of carbon steel it is important to maintain the blade properly. Carbon steel is not stainless and should …

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Would you want to live next to an outlaw biker gang?


There are some who believe the presence of outlaw bikers has a calming effect on a neighborhood, but one expert says that’s a myth. In recent months, two clubs tied to well-known biker gangs have set up new bases in the Halifax area and their presence has some people in those areas worried. Others think it might deter other criminals from …

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SHOCKING VIDEO: Arizona woman sends picture as she sets fire to boyfriend’s Harley Davidson, police say


MESA, AZ – An Arizona woman is accused of setting her boyfriend’s motorcycle on fire. Court records show that on January 3, Mesa police and firefighters went to a home for a shed fire. Inside the storage shed, officials reportedly found a destroyed 2004 Springer Harley-Davidson motorcycle in addition to partially burnt and partially filled gasoline cans just outside the …

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Incredibly Badass Launch of a Huge Ship


Here is an amazing footage of the M.V. Greenland’s launch in the Ferus Smit Shipyard in Westerbroek, the Netherlands. You will feel almost wet feet, while watching this nice aerial view of the launch…. Splashhhh! Check it out 😉

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Hypnotic Quick Lathe Demonstration! Awesome Metal Working Machines!


Sometimes, a lot of manufacturing processes that we witness can simply make us wonder how exactly this can be possible. In this one, we have a manufacturing process of this kind that will most definitely leave you in a hypnotic state. It`s actually a quick lathe presentation video that manufactures an accurately trimmed part of metal that can possibly cause …

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