Traxxas E-Revo encounters a curious rattlesnake in the city of Norco, California! If you have Ophidiophobia (fear of snakes), look away now! In this short flick, we see what happens when the crew behind the remote control rig encounter a rattlesnake in their travels. We get a first person view as if we were riding on board the Traxxas E-Revo as the rattlesnake seems …

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RC plane lands on incredible RC carrier


Two years ago these guys launched an RC plane from a badass RC aircraft carrier. The video went viral, but viewers everywhere wanted to see them land a plane on the same carrier. They brought out their replica USS Kitty Hawk and decided today would be the day.

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Son gifts a Harley-Davidson motorcyle to his dad so they can ride together


Shout Out Lancaster has relaunched with a new look and in its first segment, Jeremy Kline of East Petersburg is spotlighted for his giving spirit. Nineteen-year-old Kline bought a Harley-Davidson as a surprise for his father, William Kline. The duo have always shared a love of motorcycles and Jeremy had approached his father with the idea of buying a motorcycle. …

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Road Burn On The Entire Left Side Of His Body!


High-speed motorcycle crash in nothing but a T-shirt and helmet… That might be the harshest road rash we’ve ever seen! He is handling it like a boss maybe because he knows how viral he’s about to be after this video goes online. This is why you always dress in full gear. It’s aways best to dress for the crash not …

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The best way to remove an old fence post


The only thing more time consuming than installing a new fence is removing an old one. Getting the old posts out of the ground can be a real pain without some old farm tricks like this one. With nothing more than a few feet of chain and an old tire your ground will be post-free in seconds. The creator of …

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The World’s Smallest Tank – The Bagger!


This is the World’s Smallest Tank. it will listed in the next edition of the Guinness Book. It weighs about 3000 lbs and is made by Howe & Howe Technologies and will be used by law enforcement personnel. Its really adorable! more adorable than a baby cat! Check out the video below and tell us what do you think of …

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U.S. Government selling Humvees for as low as $4,000


In the market for a new ride? If so you’d better check out these great deals from the United States Department of Defense. They’re currently moving thousands of surplus Humvees circa mid 1990s, most of which have less than 40,000 miles on the odometer. They’re sold via online auction at GovPlanet.com, but they’re starting to go fast! The auction deadline …

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Idaho House panel unanimously backs ‘motorcycle profiling’ bill


BOISE – Legislation to ban “motorcycle profiling” in Idaho won strong support from the House Judiciary Committee this afternoon, as members praised the bill’s backers and voted unanimously to send the measure to the full House. “This is the people’s house, and you are welcome any time, as is anybody who wants to come in and address their government,” Rep. …

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