14-Year Old Kills Biker While Driving Wrong Side And The Authorities Are Not Sure Whom To Charge!

There’s a lot on the roads that can kill bikers. Inattentive drivers, drunk drivers, stupid pedestrians, road obstacles, stray animals, and whatnot. Of all these things, there’s one class of people I really didn’t expect to be on the list. But seems like, I was wrong. The new entry on the list is ‘little kids behind the wheel’. Today’s story is just about the same.


Thanks to parents who can’t keep a watch on their kids, hundreds of riders are losing their lives.


Today we’re reporting the sad demise of Dusty Duet and Robert Stafford. The two cousins were traveling on Robert’s Harley-Davidson motorcycle through Highway 74 in Louisiana. The two were returning home from a casino on early Monday morning when Robert saw a 2017 Nissan Versa approaching him in the wrong direction.


Robert tried to avoid the car, but couldn’t.


The car crashed into Robert’s motorcycle head-on in a horrific crash. Although none of the parties involved in the accident were under influence, the driver of the car certainly shouldn’t have had been driving. And that’s because he was a child of fourteen. He obviously wasn’t trained or mature enough to ride a car on the road.


As investigations are on into the matter, the DA’s office is looking into what charges can be filed and pursued.


It’s a clear case of manslaughter, but due to the young age of the perpetrator, he may just escape the consequences of his actions, which he otherwise would have had faced. It’s still not clear why the teen was driving, or whose car it was, or why he was on the wrong side.

Author: Jake Jackson

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