It’s no secret that motorcycles are dangerous, and even the most experienced of riders can fall victim to the adrenaline fueled hobby of riding.

When we heard a few weeks back about the passing of popular YouTube bike vlogger Annette Carrion, we knew we had lost one of the good ones.

Annette was a beautiful person inside and out and did a lot of work toward helping the image of motorcycling as a hobby and a motorsport, working especially hard to motivate other women to join her in the two-wheeled world.

According to the police report, Annette’s fatal accident occurred because she took a curve at too high a speed and was unable to keep the bike in the roadway.

While Carrion was obviously an experienced and proficient rider, she could have been unfamiliar with this particular section of roadway, or simply rode into the curve too hard and was unable to slow enough to make a controlled turn.

Her momentum carried her off the side of the road and down an embankment. She was thrown off of her bike during the tumble and then fell over a 50 foot drop. She was pronounced dead at the scene of the incident.

Annette is survived by five siblings, her boyfriend Jimmy Busak, and ten nieces and nephews. However, Carrion also leaves behind a legacy in the motorcycling community. She worked tirelessly to promote riding and her fellow riders in a positive light to help reduce the stigma that many riders face of being careless and dangerous. She was especially interested in seeing more females suiting up and riding, since the hobby is a predominantly male community.

This video from fellow YouTuber CycleCruza offers some tips on riding safely, as well as a few options to ride in areas that are safer than public roadways, such as hitting the track or off-road riding. He also makes some great points about the rest of the world around us being a scary place to live, which is very true.

Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs-A Government Lie Exposed


“In fact, more police officers are charged and convicted of felonies every year than members of outlaw motorcycle clubs.

And members of outlaw motorcycle clubs have been heavily involved in the grassroots rights movement concerning civil liberties ranging from helmet choice to profiling”.

The source article got many things about Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs right. Let’s dive a little deeper into the matter. Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs were branded by Law Enforcement as “Outlaw Clubs or OMG’s”. It wasn’t the clubs themselves that put this brand on their club but Law Enforcement. Why did they brand the clubs as OMGs? It’s simple .

Clubs and the people inside them didn’t sit there and kiss the cops asses. They stood up to what society said the way people should act. Lets face it. After Vietnam the country turned on the returning vets. They would spit on them returning from Nam.

Your dam right these brothers would turn their back on society. They had every right too. Here are veterans returning from war (Most Drafted) the hippies and self loathing liberals treated them like dog shit. So yes they bonded together into clubs to find the brotherhood they had overseas.

Some of the clubs that are branded OMG have been around since WW2 and before. Some of the biggest ones have had hundreds if not thousands wear the club patch. Yes there is going to be some that live in the criminal underground.

Does this mean the whole club is a criminal organization as local and federal cops say? The government of the United States has had Senators,Congressman and even a President commit illegal acts. Does that make the United States Senate a criminal conspiracy?

Why has Outlaw Clubs came into the public eye? Well Kurt Sutter and the Sons of Anarchy. Since that show first came out, you can bet that those who never rode before ran out and got a bike.

After they got a bike they ran out with their friends and bought some patches. They started themselves a club and started going out raising hell like they seen on tv. Problem with that is the club scene was never anywhere near what that dam show tried to project. It was a Hollywood show you dam morons. To think that club life is like that you have to be some kind of fool.

So what about all the fighting and gun battles between clubs? Well in the last 10 years or so their has only been 2 major tussles. Those were directly related to a Pig club Iron Order M/C. This is a club that was started by an ex secret service agent. The club is full of cops. Yea it has veterans in it and regular mojos but the point is the clubs is full of cops. This club has gone around starting shit because these cops think they can do what they want because they are cops. If you ever truly noticed every newspaper article on the Denver Shooting these punk Iron Order were right there talking to their police buddies after the incident. No Handcuffs or ties.

This is the problem the lifestyle is now facing. Cop Clubs and not Outlaw Clubs. Outlaw Clubs always kept a low profile, they never went out looking for shit to get into. These cop clubs on the other hand are always in the middle.
Who is really the threat? I have to say if your a cop and running around playing Outlaw Biker you are.

You as a cop are suppose to know your place in society. Shit just recently alot of Police Departments are banning officers from clubs because even they know this crap isn’t right. You can’t go around branding other clubs as Outlaw Clubs when you are in fact perpetrating that image with your cop club. I often wonder when a RICO case will hit the Iron Order or Punishers M/C.

It is after all that if a member is doing something against the law, then the whole club should be held accountable. Isn’t that what the Feds try pushing on some of the bigger clubs now?

I wonder where ATF is in Kentucky? Now if this picture above was on any one else patch you can bet your ass a RICO investigation would be going on. The rise of Cop Clubs should give every biker and citizen a pause.

Since when was it alright for government officials or local PD to play both sides of the fence? In the old days a person knew where they stood. Reports come in all the time about these cop clubs started fights and injuring people in bars and rallies.

Is anything ever done to them? No. The recent Denver altercation was a drunk corrections officer who fired his gun in a stadium full of people. Where is the outrage? Where is the investigation at?

As of today’s date no charges have been filed against this person. Not one Mongol pictured above had any weapons out.

The cops attorney was claiming self defense? These cops around the country are wondering why the citizens are starting to turn on them. It’s not only in the biker world stuff like this is happening. How many people have been killed because of these cops and the god like mindset they carry around. Now cops are allowed to be Judge and Jury. Your rights have been thrown out the door.

The biggest reason why the government goes after clubs is because of money. Each and every time someone gets arrested it is a free ticket for the cops to confiscate their property. We have seen it not only on a personal level but the club as a whole. Clubhouses, vests, bikes sold at auctions.

Think about it. How many millions do they make in these kinds of operations? They have under covers go into a club and most of the time actually instigate the criminal behavior. Their under covers are the ones who start the criminal activity and the clubs are dragged into it. It really don’t take a genius to figure out what the government is up too.

It’s time we as bikers take a stand and say we no longer accept this kind of behavior from police officials. Bikers Lives Matter dammit. Time to tell these cops that hard working men and even some cases women have the right under the constitution to associate with whomever they choose.

It isn’t illegal or make you a criminal to belong to a club. It’s not illegal to enjoy and be apart of a brotherhood. A biker should not have to worry about attending an event because some cop club is going to go wild west where thousands of people are at. Pass the word, Share this post and let it be known we won’t stand for it any longer.

His wife told him to sell his “stupid vintage Harley”. His reply – Priceless!

Joe finally decided to tie the knot with his long-time girlfriend.

One evening, after their honeymoon, he was welding some stuff in the garage, just for fun.

His new wife was standing there at the bench watching him.

After a long period of silence she finally spoke.

“Honey, I’ve just been thinking, now that we’re married, maybe it’s time you quit spending all your time out here in the shop.

You probably should just consider selling all your welders along with your gun collection and that stupid vintage Harley.`

Joe got a horrified look on his face. She said, “Darling, what’s wrong?”

He replied, “There, for a minute, you were starting to sound like my ex-wife.”


Joe replied, “I wasn’t.”

71-year-old asks for XL condoms, the reason why makes the cashier faint

I think it’s important to stand up for who you are, and not to care too much about what other people think about you.

Combine that with being open and honest, and you’ve got a recipe for funny situations.

This story about a little old lady is a hilarious example of just that. The last line made me laugh out loud!

I found this dirty story earlier today, and I just had to share it with you. Shared joy is double joy!

A 71 year old Boston lady walks into a drugstore. There are a lot of people in the store, and she goes to stand in line. After a while, it’s her turn at the counter.

She asks, “Hi, do you sell extra large condoms?”

Cashier does a double-take

The cashier is brand new at his job, and isn’t used to hearing questions like this. Her honesty shocks him, but he recovers quickly.

He says with a cough, “Yes, right down there in aisle 11.”

About 30 minutes go by, and the pharmacist notices that the woman is still standing in aisle 11, looking at the condoms.

He decides to go see if she needs any help.

He asks, “Hello, ma’am. Did you find the extra large condoms?”

She replies, “Yep, now I’m just waiting for someone to buy some.”

The cashier fainted – don’t you just love old people with moxie?


A husband and wife are sitting quietly in bed reading when the wife looks over at him and asks the question …

WIFE: What would you do if I died? Would you get married again?

HUSBAND: Definitely Not!!!!

WIFE: Why not? Don’t you like being married?

HUSBAND: Of course I do …

WIFE: Then why wouldn’t you remarry?

HUSBAND: Okay, okay. I would get married again!

WIFE: You would (looking hurt)

HUSBAND: (makes a loud and frustrating sound)

WIFE: Would she live in our house?

HUSBAND: Sure, it is a great house.

WIFE: Would you sleep with her in our bed?

HUSBAND: Where else would we sleep?

WIFE: Would you let her drive my car?

HUSBAND: Probably. It is almost new.

WIFE: Would you replace my pictures with hers?

HUSBAND: That would seem like a proper thing to do.

WIFE: Would you give her my jewelry?

HUSBAND: No, I am sure she would want her own.

WIFE: Would you take her golfing with you?

HUSBAND: Yes, those are always good times.

WIFE: Would she use my clubs?

HUSBAND: No , she is left handed.

Wife Is Reported Missing By Husband, Vague On Details Except For One…

Husband: My wife is missing. She went shopping yesterday and has not come home !

Sheriff: Height ?
Husband: I’m not sure. A little over five-feet tall.

Sheriff: Weight ?
Husband: Don’t know. Kinda cute, Not slim, not really fat.

Sheriff: Color of eyes ?
Husband: Sort of brown I think. Never really noticed.

Sheriff: Color of hair ?
Husband: Changes a couple times a year. Maybe dark brown now. I can’t remember.

Sheriff: What was she wearing ?
Husband: Could have been pants, or maybe a skirt or shorts. I don’t know exactly.

Sheriff: What kind of car did she go in ?
Husband: She went in my truck.

Sheriff: What kind of truck was it ?

Husband : A 2016 pearl white Dodge Ram Limited 4X4 with 6.4l Hemi V8 engine.
It was ordered with the Ram Box bar and fridge option, led lighting, back up and front camera.

Had Moose hide leather heated and cooled seats, climate controlled air conditioning.

It has a custom matching white cover for the bed, Weather Tech floor mats.
Trailer tow package with gold hitch, sunroof, DVD with full GPS navigation & satellite radio.
Cobra 75 WX ST 40-channel CB radio, six cup holders, 3 USB ports, and 4 power outlets.

I added special alloy wheels and off-road Toyo tires.

It has custom retracting running boards and under-glow wheel well lighting.

At this point the husband started choking up.

Sheriff: Take it easy sir, we’ll find your truck!!!

Bikers for Trump has Huge Plans

Bikers For Trump is an organization which is barely three years old, but is already making waves across the nation. They are no ordinary people. They are bikers. Bikers who’d do anything to support the President, Donald Trump. Spearheaded by Chris Cox, the organization has an enviable proximity with the President. And they want to use that to do great things for the President, and for bikers!


Recently they organized a rally to support Republican candidate Ron DeSantis in his run for the Governor’s Office.

Interestingly, Rep. DeSantis didn’t show up at the rally, and the Bikers For Trump barely mentioned him in a rally held for his support! This was because the rally had a larger purpose than supporting DeSantis. The rally was to support President Trump, who has endorse DeSantis.

“The fact that Donald Trump has endorsed DeSantis is all Bikers for Trump needs to know.”

“What I intend to do is simply to follow Trump’s lead.”

Cox has had a rather colorful life.

He first shot up to fame about five years ago, when during the 2013 Government Shutdown, Cox mowed the lawn near the Lincoln Memorial. This stunt put his face on national TV and earned him the nickname “lawnmower man”. Originally a chainsaw woodcarving artist, Cox has also worked for Vice President Dan Quayle as advance man.

It wasn’t all the same when Cox launched the organization in the fall of 2015.

At that point of time, very few people in the country actually looked at Donald Trump’s run for the President with seriousness. In a time like that, many were puzzled with the notion of a group of ex-vet blue-collared men supporting a suit-dawning billionaire Manhattanite. However, there was something about Trump that just struck the right chord with these bikers.

And that was the promises Trump made. The way he worked.

Donald Trump wasn’t trying to be “politically correct” like the rest of his opponents. He said what he felt. He promised to “knock the hell out of ISIS”. He promised to imporve veteran care, and rebuild the military. These were exactly the things these veteran bikers wanted to hear, even if it was coming from a golf-playing business tycoon.

Bikers For Trump eventually became a largely visible Trump-supporting group.

They worked hard during Trump’s campaign. They informally worked with law enforcement to identify rabble-rousers, patrolled the rallies, and occasionally even got into scuffles with dumbnut protesters. All this caught the national media’s attention, as well as got them appreciation from the President himself. Cox was invited to the Oval office.

With Trump in office finally, Cox had larger plans for Bikers For Trump.

Cox now works with a staff of part-time volunteers to support President Trump. Bikers For Trump not only support the President, but also his policies, and the candidates he endorses. The Social Media group for Biker For Trump now boasts of over a hundred thousand members! Cox has held several rallies in support of the President and candidates endorsed by him.

“We are not ‘Bikers Who Think We Know Best’. We are ‘Bikers for Trump’. He has to point the direction. He’s the compass. We don’t ever get ahead of him.”

And this is just the beginning.

Cox envisions to turn bikers into an influential voting block. He wants to make Bikers For Trump like the NRA! Cox is currently planning events in Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. He’s also working with the Trump Administration to combat the opioid epidemic. Cox envisions to have erected mobile drug treatment centers on Indian Reservations and across the Rust Belt. He also thinks that reforming VA should be one of the nation’s urgent priorities.

Agency Threatens To Shut Down Casinos If They Host Motorcycle Clubs!

In a raging case of motorcycle profiling, the South Dakota Commission on Gaming has issued scathing warnings to “gaming establishments” (a.k.a. casinos) to not host motorcycle clubs. Not only is this an order against bikers, but also against these business owners. And nobody’s really doing anything about this! The authorities have always been acting against the bikers, and the businesses are too afraid to take on these shady agents of Uncle Sam.


What’s worse is that the agencies are making it look like it’s a decision of these establishments.


The truth is that these establishments are being strong-armed into this, and it’s a gross violation of biker’s First Amendment rights, as well as the establishments’ right to trade. In February, law enforcement requested the South Dakota Commission on Gaming to ensure that bikers weren’t allowed to wear their colors. This was around the time when the Hells Angels were planning their Annual National Run in Deadwood City.


The Cadillac Jacks Resort had won the bid to host the event.


The Resort had even entered into an agreement with the Hells Angels to host their event. That’s when Craig Sparrow, the Director of Enforcement at SDCG, threatened the resort with disciplinary action in an email. He used an arbitrarily-worded law to prohibit the resort from hosting the club unless they wanted their gaming license revoked.


Later, in a perfect illusion of choice, the SDCG sought suggestions from the industry on their interactions with the one-percenters.


Members of the hospitality and gaming industry responded to the SDCG, saying,

“We believe that the best path forward to keep Deadwood safe is for each individual property to have their security and management teams work with the city of Deadwood and its safety officials on proper safety planning that takes their unique properties into consideration. We do not believe there is a ‘one solution fits all’ approach that would be effective overall.”


While the industry is looking at the criminal elements in individual clubs as individual criminals, the SDCG is keen on discriminating against the clubs as a whole.


Dennis McFarlnad, the Gaming Commissioner, said that he “agrees” with the industry. But that’s all where he agrees at, in words. He added that the commission would take a dim view if any problem arises at a casino, and “one percenters are there are start the problem”. The commission has now asked for list of DGA member-casinos that are going to disallow colors during the Sturgis Rally in August. What do you think about this scathing discrimination? Let us know in the comments section below.

Motorcycle Club vs Biker Gang: What’s the Difference?

To the outside world, the two may seem like the same, but they really aren’t. Not every “motorcycle club” is a “biker gang”, and it’s high time people realize that. It’s high time bikers realize this themselves if they want to continue living the lifestyle they love so much. It’s absolutely cool to be a “motorcycle club”. But, I wouldn’t say the same for a “biker gang”.



In simple terms, a motorcycle club, is a group of people all of whom ride. And unlike a Riding Club, these guys don’t just ride together, they’re pretty much family to each other. Being part of a motorcycle club is like being part of a sacred brotherhood. It goes much beyond just riding and motorcycles. It’s a lifestyle.


Most Motorcycle Clubs in the country are registered with the American Motorcyclist Association.


AMA likes to call any motorcycle club that’s not registered with them as an “outlaw motorcycle club”. That’s not to mean that these “unregistered clubs” are doing anything illegal. They’re just not registered with this organization, which isn’t even a governmental organization.


Then, there are the OMGs.


Or as the U.S. Department of Justice likes to call them, “one-percenter outlaw motorcycle gangs”. According to the DOJ, these are essentially organized criminal syndicates in the form of a motorcycle club. There’s a whole long story to how the term “one-percenter” came into being. But, that’s a story for another time. Today, we’re here to urge you to watch this video from Insane Throttle that talks about the difference between a “motorcycle club” and a “biker gang”. It’s really important that you understand it, so that you can explain it to the people outside the biking community. Please DO give it a watch, and let us know what you think about it in the comments section below.

Five Hells Angels Have Been Arrested For Shooting A Biker In Washington. Here’s The Story.

It’s almost become a weekly feature for us to be reporting the hells angels going down now. It doesn’t even seem uncanny anymore. Maybe it’s time the club and the members start maintaining a low-profile, if they don’t want law enforcement to tear apart their very fabric. This time, today, we are reporting the arrest of five hells angels members in connection with a shooting in Washington.



The victim was riding with a bunch of Hells Angels motorcyclists.


The exact scene of events and why the shooting took place isn’t exactly clear. When the Washington State Patrol troopers arrived, they found a 52-year old Dennis Donahue shot in the leg. He was first transported to Lourdes ER in Pasco, and then later moved to Kadlec Medical Center.


The victim is in serious condition.


Franklin County Sheriff’s Detectives have identified six men as Hells Angels members who had a connection with the shooting. One of them was driving a Chevrolet pickup. Investigators said that three of the five motorcycles were hit by bullets.


A handgun with a bloody trail was found just 15 feet away from the group.


Consequently, five Hells Angels members were arrested.


Jason A. Marshall, 47; Neal G. Foulger, 55; William D. Smeeton, 47; William I. Maclean, 66; and Michael A. Smullen, 59.


The arrested bikers were sent to the Franklin County Jail for 72 hours. Although no charges have yet been filed, the bikers were sent to jail on “suspicion of criminal mischief”.