Aaron Kaufman dropped a pretty major bombshell on Fast N’ Loud fans when he abruptly departed Richard Rawlings and the Gas Monkey Garage crew. Aaron made a brief return to television during the Mega Race special, where he went head to head with Farmtruck and AZN in the much hyped race between the Street Outlaws and Fast ‘N Loud crews.


Aaron has some catching up to do since falling behind on his personal projects, several of which are daily drivers that became project cars, a common phenomenon for many of us car guys. In his own words, Aaron says “I have a slew of non-running vehicles and so I’ve been trying to knock those out.” As for returning to television, nothing has been finalized but Aaron seems destined to eventually return to the small screen. He does share that whatever show is developed will be “fun with cars, it will be very spirited, will be a tremendous amount of fun to watch…”


Beyond catching up on his daily driver cache and a possible return to television, Aaron shares that he wants to work on shrinking the differences between support for Chevrolet’s C-10 market, which has a sizable dedicated aftermarket, and Ford’s F100, which lacks such support. “The F100’s got left behind and so we’re looking to bridge that gap, both in the fabrication of chassis components as well as complete total chassis, bumper to bumper.”


Author: Jake Jackson

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