Agency Threatens To Shut Down Casinos If They Host Motorcycle Clubs!

In a raging case of motorcycle profiling, the South Dakota Commission on Gaming has issued scathing warnings to “gaming establishments” (a.k.a. casinos) to not host motorcycle clubs. Not only is this an order against bikers, but also against these business owners. And nobody’s really doing anything about this! The authorities have always been acting against the bikers, and the businesses are too afraid to take on these shady agents of Uncle Sam.


What’s worse is that the agencies are making it look like it’s a decision of these establishments.


The truth is that these establishments are being strong-armed into this, and it’s a gross violation of biker’s First Amendment rights, as well as the establishments’ right to trade. In February, law enforcement requested the South Dakota Commission on Gaming to ensure that bikers weren’t allowed to wear their colors. This was around the time when the Hells Angels were planning their Annual National Run in Deadwood City.


The Cadillac Jacks Resort had won the bid to host the event.


The Resort had even entered into an agreement with the Hells Angels to host their event. That’s when Craig Sparrow, the Director of Enforcement at SDCG, threatened the resort with disciplinary action in an email. He used an arbitrarily-worded law to prohibit the resort from hosting the club unless they wanted their gaming license revoked.


Later, in a perfect illusion of choice, the SDCG sought suggestions from the industry on their interactions with the one-percenters.


Members of the hospitality and gaming industry responded to the SDCG, saying,

“We believe that the best path forward to keep Deadwood safe is for each individual property to have their security and management teams work with the city of Deadwood and its safety officials on proper safety planning that takes their unique properties into consideration. We do not believe there is a ‘one solution fits all’ approach that would be effective overall.”


While the industry is looking at the criminal elements in individual clubs as individual criminals, the SDCG is keen on discriminating against the clubs as a whole.


Dennis McFarlnad, the Gaming Commissioner, said that he “agrees” with the industry. But that’s all where he agrees at, in words. He added that the commission would take a dim view if any problem arises at a casino, and “one percenters are there are start the problem”. The commission has now asked for list of DGA member-casinos that are going to disallow colors during the Sturgis Rally in August. What do you think about this scathing discrimination? Let us know in the comments section below.

Author: Jake Jackson

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