Conor Mcgregor saw a massive sailing yacht on his vacation yesterday and his reaction had us smiling, he posted several times throughout the day about the big boat and we can tell he wants one but $400m is quite a bit beyond his budget even after reportedly earning over $100m after his fight with Floyd Mayweather. He posted a ton of pictures of the yacht almost obsessing over it showing us how no matter how much money we have in life we will always want more.

Here are some of the pictures he posted just yesterday. He was amazed by this sailing yacht and how much it was worth.

“The 360 million dollar “sailing yacht A” pulls up out the back garden this morning . “Sailing yacht A” its called.
That’s how you know the owner doesn’t need to give a bollox about anything.
Sailing yacht A. Most expensive sailing yacht in the world. 360mill. Owned by a Russian billionaire. Google it. Crazy!”


Motorsports come in all different shapes and forms. You can be traditional, having a fast car or motorcycle, you could take the party off-roading, or you could even take the power out on the water, skimming around in a quick little boat. This time, we check out what’s not only a pretty quick pontoon boat but also one that stretches out what it means to be a party barge. This thing is not only a beast in the water, making 300 mph but It’s also fitted with all sorts of different little luxuries that make it as convenient of a vessel that it can be if partying out on the water is your forte.

In this one, we really get to dive into what a boat like this is all about as Matt Farrah takes it upon himself to feature the boat on an episode of the Smoking Tire, giving us his insight on exactly what it means to experience something a little bit different like this. Normally, he’s all about taking the fastest and most off-the-wall cars in the world and putting them up against the variety of challenges, however, this time, it’s not a car at all that he’s looking at dissecting, piece by piece. Instead, we would venture to say that it’s something a little bit more off the beaten path in terms of what you can expect to see on his show.


It’s pretty neat to watch in as the person behind this project puts together the pieces in just the right way to create a miniature remote control boat out of nothing more than a couple of simple supplies that you might even be able to find in your house without going out. It might not make sense at first, but when all the pieces start to come together, you can really see that finished product begins to appear. If you have kids, this might be an especially fun project to embark on with them to start giving them a little bit of experience with being able to work with their hands.

Check out the video down below that shows you the step-by-step process in this fool-proof plan to bring together a miniature remote control boat from the most unlikely of pieces. After seeing how this is done are you going to head out to the workshop and begin to work on a remote control project of your very own? Once throwing this one together, we’d venture to think that you would probably start thinking of other ways that you could creatively use things like this to make something worth while!


Homes inundated with flooding from Hurricane Harvey on Aug, 28, 2017, in Houston, Texas. Harvey, which made landfall north of Corpus Christi late Friday evening, is expected to dump upward of 40 inches of rain in Texas over the next couple of days. (Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Hurricane Harvey devastated Texas after it made landfall on Saturday, Aug. 26, claiming 14 lives across the state and forcing 30,000 people to evacuate in Houston alone.

When Thomas Edwards, 17, woke up he found his truck submerged in water. Instead of letting fear take control, the teen got together with three of his friends to help rescue stranded neighbors.

Edwards and his friends Richard Dickason, 17, Liam Connor, 17, and Declan Connor, 15, had picked up Declan’s small fishing boat from Galveston, Texas, the day before the storm, Daily Wire reported.

When their neighborhood flooded, the water lifted the boat from the trailer and the teens decided to venture out to help stranded neighbors.


Boasting helicopter engines that crank out over 3000 hp, the competitors at the 2016 UAW-GM Spirit of Detroit HydroFest blast their way right into the part of your brain storing all of the adrenaline.

Reaching 200 mph on the water, these guys are nothing short of insane as they blast around turns, showing that they’re willing to put everything on the line as they come inches from destruction.

You would have to be seriously crazy to get behind the wheel of one of these wild machines, but it’s just the kind of crazy that we are all about.

You can tune into the action in the video below as these guys push their boats and themselves to all new heights with these insane speeds.


We love speed. It’s even in our name and permeates everything we do, but this may be where we have to draw the line, at least as far as something we’re willing to try. These guys are absolutely pushing the limits and while we might not try it ourselves, we damn sure enjoy watching them do it!

What happens when you mix a love of speed on the water with the sport of waterskiing? You get the most extreme form of skiing we’ve ever seen! The guys you see in this video are absolutely ripping it across the water in some pretty gnarly boats, and that alone would be cool enough, but behind these boats, way back there behind the huge spray of water, are skiers! I’ve tried skiing, and I had a hard time standing up and staying vertical for a few hundred feet at what amounts to idle speed, so to see these guys back there at these speeds, which reach as high as 137 MPH and stay well above 100 MPH for most of the video is just absolutely mind blowing.

I’m not sure if this is some kind of sanctioned race, but based on the helmets and the course being mapped out on the GPS overlay, it seems like this is something these guys do regularly. And they obviously have plenty of practice because you don’t just decide to go out and rip the lake or river at 130 MPH one day.

Wife is already fed up with drunk husband’s mischief, then he goes full throttle

We meet this story’s hero at 4:30 AM after a long night of drinking. He and his compatriots are what many consider “proper drunk” before the video begins to record.

His equally inebriated wife is tired of his shenanigans and ready to go home, but there’s a small matter of a tiny speedboat floating in an equally tiny pool.

“Get that stupid boat out of the pool!” she demands.

What a very poor choice of words.



Okay, so this just might be the ultimate lake/river/ocean toy! The Wave Boat look like little more than a tiny boat that you’d not get a lot of enjoyment out of, considering there’s no engine. However, there’s a little more going on than that. You see, the Wave Boat is not just a floating lounger, it’s sort of like a lake-bound power ranger suit of sorts.

By simply driving a jet ski into the back of the Wave Boat, it’s instantly transformed from the previously mentioned luxury buoy to a nimble, fun boat that uses the jet ski itself for power and steering. One model in particular has a couple of lounge seats and a bench up front and two more loungers in the back, there’s seating for up to seven, including the driver, who is still basically riding a jet ski as before, only now has up to six of his closest friends on board to enjoy the ride with him. There are other models with different configurations of seating, different color combinations, and different accessories, such as canopies and wakeboard racks.

What happens when pirates openly attack a US Navy vessel

Pirates are still active in the world’s oceans but they’ve traded in wooden ships and sabers for small skiffs and AK-47s.

A group of these maritime ruffians made the mistake of engaging the USS Ashland (LSD48) about 330 nautical miles off the coast of Djibouti. While conducting a routine security operations in the Gulf of Aden, the USS Ashland took small arms fire from a skiff full of suspected pirates.

The skiff was manned by a crew of six suspected pirates. After being fired upon, the USS Ashland returned fire in accordance with her rules of engagement. Two 25mm rounds fired from a MK-38 Mod 2 set the skiff ablaze and sent all six pirates into the water.

Rigid-hull inflatable boats were sent to retrieve the surviving pirates. After the pirates were disarmed, all pirates were taken prisoner and received medical care for their injuries.

Unsurprisingly, the USS Ashland took no damage from the pirates’ small arms fire and her crew was completely unharmed.

“This is why we are here,” said commanding officer Captain John Bruening in a statement to the U.S. 5th Fleet Public Affairs. “It is so much more than just putting a stop to the illegal activities of only one pirate skiff. It is about fostering an environment that will give every nation the freedom to navigate the seas without fear of attack.”


Before we put you in the thick of things here, we have to warn you that, while this video might be shot from a camera that’s showing nothing more thermal imaging from a helicopter than anything, it is a site from a war zone and as such, you should probably proceed with caution while viewing.

When it comes to the things that Americans most certainly aren’t willing to put up with, terrorism is at the top of the list. Even though today, during a time where it really seems like many of us are divided on a lot of political issues, the thing that can really bring us together is a common bad guy and no matter what side you’re on, if you happen to be a far left-leaning liberal or far right-leaning conservative, I don’t think that anybody really likes people who try to wreak havoc like those with terrorism on the mind. This time, we get to watch that oh so satisfying video that shows night vision from a helicopter as they chase down the bad guys and bring us along for the ride.
Check out the video below that is your classic case of good guys versus bad guys. You can’t help but almost route out loud for the guys in the helicopter as they chase down those in the boats who are up to no good! Be sure to chime in and tell us what you think after catching a video like this that puts you right in the heat of things.