Once vessels like this amazing yacht are built in the Christensen Shipyards in Vancouver, they need to find their way from the factory to their natural environment, the water. You would think that this would be a simple process of dumping the yacht in the water, but once you found out that this yacht brings 800,000 lbs to the scale, …

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This Is What Happens When You Let College Engineers Do Sh!t!


When the ship is built, it has to be put into to the sea in order to start operating. And while this is relatively easy with smaller ships such as sailing yachts, this cannot be said for bigger ships, well, such as tankers or cruise ships. The whole process has to be planned precisely or it’ll result in the ship …

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60-Year Old Vintage HYDROPLANE With A 1500HP WW2 Aircraft ENGINE!


There are many unique setups for all kinds of things that go super-fast. In this one, we stumbled upon one crazy combination that we must learn more about. Immediately upon seeing this boat, our inner gearhead was completely awaken. What we actually have in this video is a 60 year old vintage hydroplane named US U-36. To see a boat …

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Suicide Boat Rams Warship


Video has emerged of the moment a suicide boat rammed a Saudi frigate last week — an attack believed to have been intended for a US warship. The video was filmed from the frigate’s air operations observation platform overlooking the helicopter pad on the rear of the ship. It had been previously reported by local media in the area that …

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260mph boat CRASH — Spirit of Texas Drag Boat Catches FIRE then Crashes

boat crash

From Lynn Lumbert: “Scott had a really good day today. First off I would like to apologize if I have not responded to your text, message or phone call. I have been a little tired and overwhelmed. I truley appreciate all the prayers and words of encouragement. It’s what gets me through this emotional journey. Thank you. Today’s therapy session …

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The World’s Fastest Pontoon Boat (114 MPH)!

worlds fastest pontoon

Let’s face it, most of us saltwater anglers started off fishing in freshwater first (for me it was as a young kid lake fishing for blue gills in Winter Haven, FL). And one of my fondest memories as a young kid was heading to Lake Hatchineha, FL where my grandfather had a small cabin on a canal, with a big …

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Seven INSANE Side Launches Of Giant Cargo Ships!

ship load

Cargo ships are giant and that means they are not the easiest to launch into the … Cargo ships are giant and that means they are not the easiest to launch into the water, therefore more often then not you can find them being plopped into the ocean. In this video we get a first hand example of as 7 …

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What we see here is a vintage hydroplane racing boat from 1957 called the Miss US U-36. The engine was an Allison V-1710 with 1,500 horsepower, which was used in many World War II fighter planes, including the P-38 Lightning and the P-51 Mustang. It was seen here at Detroit Hydrofest 2016.

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