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Redneck Engineering At It’s Finest: Dirtbike Moto-Boat


Now this is some impressive redneck engineering. This dirt bike powered boat was spotted in Canyon Lake Arizona and it’s pretty awesome. Steering the boat looks like it’s still in the “testing” stage (LOL). This reminds me of something one of buddies would rig up in the middle of summer. The video was uploaded by an intrigued bystander. Here’s the …

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Cool Pull-Behind Motorcycle Camper Trailer


This is so perfect for motorcycle traveling! The “Solace” is a pop-up camper trailer that hooks right up to the back of your motorcycle. Check out the video below and let us know what you think of this cool trailer. The trailer handles slow, tight turns and the pop-up camper has plenty of room. Can you imagine how awesome this …

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Brazilian Farmer Builds the Biggest Trike Ever!


You’re in the cool side of the internet!!! With today’s technology and creativity, trikes have become a great trend as they can be customized in almost every size and style. What you’re going to see in this spectacular video is the biggest trike ever made on the planet. As reported, a Brazilian farmer made this extremely-gigantic monster and it now …

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wake up

There are some motorcycle riders that just never stopped being kids. This guy is one of them and apparently hates everybody in the neighborhood. Why else would you make such a overkill of an exhaust pipe? Check out the most unnecessary exhaust modification ever on this bike and yes, he is desperately trying to start a burnout but just cannot …

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Strange But Totally Brilliant Invention: Chainsaw-Powered Ski Bike


You don’t have to be a well-educated mechanical engineer to create a vehicle for your own, that’s for sure and the video presented below offers us a strong and pretty enjoyable proof for that. An ultra creative fellow who you’re going to see in the video below, put a bike, the engine of a chainsaw and a ski together to …

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