Custom Bikes

Brazilian Farmer Builds the Biggest Trike Ever!


You’re in the cool side of the internet!!! With today’s technology and creativity, trikes have become a great trend as they can be customized in almost every size and style. What you’re going to see in this spectacular video is the biggest trike ever made on the planet. As reported, a Brazilian farmer made this extremely-gigantic monster and it now …

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wake up

There are some motorcycle riders that just never stopped being kids. This guy is one of them and apparently hates everybody in the neighborhood. Why else would you make such a overkill of an exhaust pipe? Check out the most unnecessary exhaust modification ever on this bike and yes, he is desperately trying to start a burnout but just cannot …

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Strange But Totally Brilliant Invention: Chainsaw-Powered Ski Bike


You don’t have to be a well-educated mechanical engineer to create a vehicle for your own, that’s for sure and the video presented below offers us a strong and pretty enjoyable proof for that. An ultra creative fellow who you’re going to see in the video below, put a bike, the engine of a chainsaw and a ski together to …

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INSANE Boss Hoss Trike With 502 Cubic Inch V8!!!

boss hoss

Usually we are not big fans of trikes on this page however this thing is absolutely mental! It is a Boss Hoss trike that is powered by a Chevy 502 Cubic Inch engine. This thing must be absolutely INSANE to ride on. Would you ride it? Let us know in the comments!

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8M Views – PRESENTING YOU The World’s First Monster Bicycle!!!


Another exhibit in our collection of tuned and customized bicycles – the monster bicycle created by the Dutchman Wouter van den Bosch. He built this monster using steel pipes, parts of bike and a large tire from a monster truck. Of course, this is not exactly tuning, or rather not tuning at all, but still it’s very entertaining. See what …

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Incredible Road Chariot City Wheelchair Motorcycle For Disabled!

riot chariot

The Three Road Chariot Wheelchair Motorcycle is an incredible invention that brings a world of possibilities to men and women in wheelchairs who have always dreamed of riding.  They are available in the United States and Canada and are offered in three affordable model sizes including: City (45 mph) Highway (55 mph), and Freeway (75 mph). The best part is …

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Get A Look At This Mean And Powerful Custom Scorpion RT!


In this video Scottie from ScottieDTV takes us to the Cruisin’ the Coast event where he seems to be impressed with the quality and selection. One particular vehicle that catches Scottie’s eye is one of the best custom made three wheelers named the Scorpion RT! Scottie takes us on a walk around of this powerful trike and luckily we also …

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