As the video shows us, these guys seem to be quite confident in their jobs, cracking into this main with their welder and standing around while being relaxed, basically like nothing could possibly go wrong. It’s pretty neat to watch as the residual gas around the main catches on fire all while this guy keeps on continuing the job but as somebody who doesn’t really know what’s happening, it seems to be a really scary situation. I would venture to think that more people than not would agree with the sentiment and probably prefer to be on this side of the screen instead of the other, watching it happen from a digital vantage point.

Check out the video down below that takes you to the scene of the seemingly incredibly dangerous job and be sure to tell us what you think of how exactly these guys are going about getting the job done, even if it means setting a little bit of gas on fire. What are some other jobs like this that are incredibly dangerous or maybe just look dangerous but actually a pretty safe? I would think that being a writer here at Speed Society probably ranks pretty low on that danger scale, that is, until you step foot on the racetrack and have cars flying past you at north of 200 mph.

Life sized R2-D2 is a mobile fridge that will bring beers to you

As soon as the first robot vacuum cleaner was invented, it was only a matter of time before someone built something useful with the technology, like a life-sized R2-D2 that delivers beer to your couch!

That’s right, Haier Asia has built a mobile refrigerator that looks and sounds just like everyone’s favorite droid. With lights and sounds faithful to the classic science fiction franchise, the R2 refrigerator can be controlled via remote.

Your very own R2 unit can hold and chill six 12-ounce cans of your favorite beverage. It even has a built-in HD projector that can stream movies from your phone or tablet.

Each R2 unit is made to order for around $8,800

5 Amazing Toothpaste Life Hacks!

f you are a perfectionist, or you would simply like to keep things nice and clean, this video might give you answer to all of your problems. Our cars are probably the dirtiest things we own due to the everyday use, as well as their exposure to the weather. That is why those little holes on our cars, such as the lock, are often filled with dust and dirt. But no more worries. All you need is toothpaste and a brush. Simply brush it off with the paste and clean it with water!

The fuel tank lock is also one of the dirtiest areas of the car. But the solution is the same too! Put some toothpaste on it and brush it with a toothbrush. After couple of minutes you should end up with a perfectly clean lock. What about those license plates? They are often covered in dirt and bugs. All you have to do to make those license plates shine once again is to wash them with toothpaste. Just minutes after and the license plate should be as good as new. Simply wash off the excess and clean it with a dry towel. Check the video for more toothpaste life hacks!

Finally, read what`s hidden behind the toothpaste bottom color!

How A ROTARY Engine Works! This Video Provides A Thorough Explanation!

We strongly believe that there is absolutely no Gearhead who does not know how a rotary engine works. However, if there are such persons (we see no shame in that, it happens), their number hopefully will be brought to a minimum by the video we have prepared for you today. Namely, it features a detailed explanation of how actually the rotary engine works.

The man explaining and the slow revolving rotor are the perfect combination to learn a bit more about the core of the rotary motor. Also, we hope that this video will be of use in the future for those who already are familiar with the working process of a rotary engine, but they would like to refresh their memory.

In the video below, you have the chance to see a full size model of a typical rotary motor. This motor is manufactured by the Japanese carmaker Mazda, which is a 12a configuration engine, 1200cc. Moreover, the man kindly explains every single process inside a rotary engine by turning the model engine on and off.

By doing so, you can closely observe where the gas comes from. The gas comes from the intake board. And it pulls gas all the way until the rotor shuts off the port. Then you can see how it is pressed to the epitrochoid surface where the spark plug ignites the volume of gas. At the epitrochoid surface the leading plug and the trading plug fires and create an explosion. This power stroke runs all the way down till the exhaust port opens up. Afterwards you can see where the ignited gas goes out. In this very helpful lesson on how a rotary engine works we can also see all of its components. We can see a two stroke porting with intake, compression, ignition and exhaust.

Eco-friendly gunsmith recycles 265 soda cans into working AR-15

If you’re tossing out your empty soda and beer cans, you’re basically throwing away a perfectly good AR-15 (some forging and assembly required).

FarmCraft101 decided to do his part to help the earth and started the best recycling program we’ve ever seen.

In the video below he melts down 265 old soda cans in a foundry furnace for enough aluminum to craft a working AR-15 receiver from scratch.


When it comes to the DIY videos that you come across on YouTube, sometimes, you need to be careful because some of the objects are, well, useless. Sometimes, at best, they’ll be an overly complicated way of accomplishing a simple task. This time, however, we check out something that might actually be useful! With a couple of simple tools, this DIY demonstration shows us how to take a soda bottle and make our very own sand blaster. Sure, this one won’t be as effective as something that you spend big money on but for a smaller project, this free and simple version might be just about perfect!

After a couple of easy steps, we’re well on the way to sand blasting. Basically, after modifying a basic compressor blow gun that costs no more than a couple of bucks and some people probably have laying around already, you’ll be able to manipulate the bottle in such a way so that the sand all falls down and is dispersed by the gun after being propelled forward by your compressor. Again, definitely not the perfect solution but for a temporary solution, doing something like this could really be the way to go.

Check out the video below as we’re given the rundown on this DIY and be sure to tell us what you think of this project that could be useful in your garage! It might not be for everyone but might be a handy little hack that you could find to be worth a shot, especially if you already have this stuff laying around and collecting dust! Is this something that you think would be worth trying out for yourself or are you the type who would rather just go out and pick up a standard sand blaster and spend the extra money?

Michigan-themed lawn chair dispenses cold beer directly to the cup holder

Meet the perfect chair for any beer lover.

This Michigan themed Adirondack lawn chair dispenses a cold beer right to the cup holder.

The action is pretty simple. The lounging beer lover simply lifts the arm rest ramp and releases a cold beer from the cooler chamber.

The cooler is hidden behind Michigan’s upper peninsula, which can be opened and refilled with ice.

The design is based on a 2005 US Patent issued to the Labatt Brewing Company for the “Combined Beer Dispensing Cooler and Lawn Chair” invented by Brian Miesieski, Devin Kelly, and Geoff Blanck.

Shotgun pistol with home loads is the craziest weapon he’s ever fired

The Canadian Gun Vault Inc. YouTube channel has one heck of a wrist breaker in this video.

Meet the Rossi 12 gauge shotgun pistol, a 6″ hand cannon that you won’t forget any time soon.

Brent’s home loads are firing a 600 gr slug at 1350 fps, which makes the Rossi “hands down the craziest pistol we’ve ever experienced,” according to the shooter.

Take a closer look at this wild weapon in the video below.


When it comes to furnishing your own personal garage with all the tools that you could ever want or need, I’m sure that we all have our very own list of wants and needs in our heads, however, when it comes down to reality, it turns out that you can’t always get exactly what you want. Sometimes, when it comes to looking at the price of various tools, purchasing them isn’t necessarily something that’s realistic and even if you can afford some tools, how much you’re really going to use them sometimes can dictate if a purchase is really even worth your while.

Check out the video down below as Monkey, one of the master fabricators that you’ll find at Midwest Street Cars, does his best without all those high dollar tools. I guess that you could say that with this job, he isn’t monkeying around! It really looks like he’s getting right down to business and doing the best he can with the tools that are right at his fingertips. With the way that everything that comes out of that shop runs, you can’t really argue with the way that they get down, either!

12 gauge trip wire alarms are put to the test

TAOFLEDERMAUS takes a closer look at the 12 gauge trip wire alarm by Fith Ops.

These alarms are legal in all 50 states, even California.

Each alarm features a spring loaded firing pin held back by a cotter pin that can be tied to a piece of string.

The alarms can fire any 12 gauge shell or mini-blank.

See them in action with the video below.