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Trying to attempt to load my bike onto my truck by myself. It’s almost like this dude was half expecting to fail as his attempt was conveniently accompanied by a nearby camera that captured the entire thing! Check out that footage in the video below as we get a crash course in how to not load a bike. Thankfully, he …

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Wrench Extender Or A Two Spanner Trick? Which One Is Better?


There are many DIY enthusiasts and professional mechanics who are reading this website daily. Meaning that you are familiar with wrenches. Even if you don`t fall under this category, you have probably tried to loosen some nuts and bolts and you know that tight nuts can be a huge problem. The only thing left to do is find a solution …

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Liquid nitrogen videos are quite popular this days and all kinds of experiments are made with it. Mr. Gear again gives us a new experiment with Battery and Liquid Nitrogen. The video show how the battery gets submerged and frozen but then when a hammer is being used on it it gets shattered into pieces  and we’re able to see what …

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Here’s the best way to sharpen a chainsaw in the field

how to sharpen chainsaw

This chainsaw hack is a great solution if you hit a rock or something else that dulls your chain in the field. If you forgot a spare chain or a vice, sharpening your old chain can be a real pain. With this trick you can turn almost any tree stump into a vice with the help of a simple wedge. …

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How To Charge A Car Battery With A Chainsaw!

charge car battery with a chainsaw

The first step is to take the chain off of the saw so the danger is eliminated. If you live in a place like this you have to be ready for anything, especially things like this. A dead car battery when you’re on a homestead could leave you stranded out in the middle of nowhere so these tips could become …

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nitro drill

Can a drill be powered by a Nitro engine? Well if you asked us yesterday we would have told you no way, but as it turns out we would have been mistaken. Apparently, this guy managed to get over all the hurdles in order to make a small engine power a drill and this thing amazingly works. He mated what …

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Every Tool Box Needs One Of These!


This tool is perfect for fixing any bolt! This solves one of those annoying problems that we all face. When the nut just won’t go on because of a small imperfection with the bolt thread. The tool looks so satisfying to use makes it a perfect bolt again and the threads just catch right away! Definitely a good tool to …

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The Indestructible Knife Test

mora knife

The Mora Robust is (obviously) a robust fixed knife. The blade is thicker than that of other Mora knives, so it can be used for heavy duty. The rubber handle is ergonomically shaped and offers good grip. Because the blade is made of carbon steel it is important to maintain the blade properly. Carbon steel is not stainless and should …

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