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If you want to start a war, head into a shop that’s filled with mechanics who spend their hard earned dollars on high-end Snap-On tools and tell them that some tools that you found at Harbor Freight are just as good and you can go out there and buy them for a fraction of a fraction of the price. In …

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Texan builds fully functional Gatling gun from 6 SKS rifles


This true American badass has made a one of a kind Gatling gun from 6 SKS rifles. After removing the butt stocks, he mounted the rifles into the Gatling rotary device powered by a hand crank like a traditional 19th Century Gatling gun. As each rifle passes through the cylce the trigger is depressed. It seems pretty clean and can …

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When it comes to the end of the lifecycle for an aluminum wheel, if the wheel makes it to the recycling pile, its fate is none other than to become a raw material to become another finished product and help someone out all without mining any extra materials to make it work. Check out the video down below that takes …

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Why Inventor Was Jailed For Making This Video?


Paul was approached by members of the oil cartel that made him offers for his patent, each time he demanded a contractual provision that the invention would actually be used to help man and the planet – The potential buyers always refused. One group took Paul to court and argued that Paul was insane, for anyone that would turn down …

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How to Replace Muffler Bearings on a Mustang!

muffler replacement

Chris Fix teaches us once and for all how to fix muffler bearings! Chris Fix just posted his latest fix yesterday, and it was a great one. We always heard people talk about muffler bearings and replacing them, yet no one knows how to do it. So he broke out the tools and taught us how. If you haven’t figured …

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Insane Spray-On Chrome! [MUST SEE]


Chrome isn’t just a browser on your desktop screen, ladies and gents, it’s a versatile styling tool when it comes to your bikes, your cars, and just about anything else you want to see shine! The chrome movement is still going strong; a large portion of the motorcycle community does still have an appreciation for it despite the hype that …

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Modern-day blacksmith forges a tomahawk from a railroad spike


Mr. Miller himself of Miller Knives recorded this stunning High Definition footage of him forging a tomahawk from a railroad spike. It’s pretty impressive to watch blacksmithing of this caliber. It’s beautiful work. As one user on YouTube commented, “Bro, this is really cool.” Miller does other similar things like forging swords from wrenches, or building folding ring knifes. He’s …

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Relax anywhere with the trailer hitch twin hammock


Check out this sweet trailer hitch hammock rig. Whether you’re looking to relax in the great outdoors or getting ready for the big game, this hammock rig is just perfect. Hook up and hang out like never before, then pack everything up and toss it in the back of your pickup truck when you’re done. You can buy a full …

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Put a huge steak in a pot of butter, the result is mouthwatering


If you like a great steak, take a minute to watch this video that showcases a method you might not have tried before. It takes some extra time, but we’d say it’s certainly worth it. He puts a steak in some butter heated to a certain temperature. It allows the steak to cook fully through to the desired doneness (medium …

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