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This is a V6 configuration of my new ‘simple’ engine design. The engine is shown running at its max speed of approx. 800RPM at 4 bar. For this one, my main goal was to make a pretty engine, not a high performance one. Of course, beauty lies in the eye of the beholder 🙂 Next project: a high performance one! …

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Crushing Adamantium Claws And Skeleton With Hydraulic Press Is Epic


In case you weren’t aware of its existence, there’s a channel on YouTube exclusively devoted to crushing various objects with hydraulic presses (no, we’re not quite sure how we lived without it this long either) – and for its latest video, it’s taken on a pretty big challenge. Namely, the team have a go at crushing some items made from …

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The best way to remove an old fence post


The only thing more time consuming than installing a new fence is removing an old one. Getting the old posts out of the ground can be a real pain without some old farm tricks like this one. With nothing more than a few feet of chain and an old tire your ground will be post-free in seconds. The creator of …

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Dangerously high current melts tools in seconds


A pair of brits with more tools than sense decided to see just what high current would do to a basic tool kit. With samll transformer and just three turns of a 95mm cable around their colloidal they’ve made one of the most dangerous DIY experiments we’ve ever seen. Watch steel tools melt like butter before your eyes in this …

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Friction Drilling Is Like a Mix of Drilling and Welding!

friction driling

Melting holes in steel with a flow drill! Who knew something like friction drilling would be so cool to watch. It looks like a mix of welding and drilling. It doesn’t need a regular drill bit to get through it, it uses just a combination of heat and high RPMs to heat the metal up to a pint that lets …

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There’s no doubt you’ve heard the old saying, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” The phrase was penned in an obituary to a dwarf actor in 1915 by an anarchist named Elbert Hubbard, who lost his life five months later aboard the RMS Lusitania when it was torpedoed by a German submarine. Unless Hubbard did know that you could …

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