Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs-A Government Lie Exposed


“In fact, more police officers are charged and convicted of felonies every year than members of outlaw motorcycle clubs.

And members of outlaw motorcycle clubs have been heavily involved in the grassroots rights movement concerning civil liberties ranging from helmet choice to profiling”.

The source article got many things about Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs right. Let’s dive a little deeper into the matter. Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs were branded by Law Enforcement as “Outlaw Clubs or OMG’s”. It wasn’t the clubs themselves that put this brand on their club but Law Enforcement. Why did they brand the clubs as OMGs? It’s simple .

Clubs and the people inside them didn’t sit there and kiss the cops asses. They stood up to what society said the way people should act. Lets face it. After Vietnam the country turned on the returning vets. They would spit on them returning from Nam.

Your dam right these brothers would turn their back on society. They had every right too. Here are veterans returning from war (Most Drafted) the hippies and self loathing liberals treated them like dog shit. So yes they bonded together into clubs to find the brotherhood they had overseas.

Some of the clubs that are branded OMG have been around since WW2 and before. Some of the biggest ones have had hundreds if not thousands wear the club patch. Yes there is going to be some that live in the criminal underground.

Does this mean the whole club is a criminal organization as local and federal cops say? The government of the United States has had Senators,Congressman and even a President commit illegal acts. Does that make the United States Senate a criminal conspiracy?

Why has Outlaw Clubs came into the public eye? Well Kurt Sutter and the Sons of Anarchy. Since that show first came out, you can bet that those who never rode before ran out and got a bike.

After they got a bike they ran out with their friends and bought some patches. They started themselves a club and started going out raising hell like they seen on tv. Problem with that is the club scene was never anywhere near what that dam show tried to project. It was a Hollywood show you dam morons. To think that club life is like that you have to be some kind of fool.

So what about all the fighting and gun battles between clubs? Well in the last 10 years or so their has only been 2 major tussles. Those were directly related to a Pig club Iron Order M/C. This is a club that was started by an ex secret service agent. The club is full of cops. Yea it has veterans in it and regular mojos but the point is the clubs is full of cops. This club has gone around starting shit because these cops think they can do what they want because they are cops. If you ever truly noticed every newspaper article on the Denver Shooting these punk Iron Order were right there talking to their police buddies after the incident. No Handcuffs or ties.

This is the problem the lifestyle is now facing. Cop Clubs and not Outlaw Clubs. Outlaw Clubs always kept a low profile, they never went out looking for shit to get into. These cop clubs on the other hand are always in the middle.
Who is really the threat? I have to say if your a cop and running around playing Outlaw Biker you are.

You as a cop are suppose to know your place in society. Shit just recently alot of Police Departments are banning officers from clubs because even they know this crap isn’t right. You can’t go around branding other clubs as Outlaw Clubs when you are in fact perpetrating that image with your cop club. I often wonder when a RICO case will hit the Iron Order or Punishers M/C.

It is after all that if a member is doing something against the law, then the whole club should be held accountable. Isn’t that what the Feds try pushing on some of the bigger clubs now?

I wonder where ATF is in Kentucky? Now if this picture above was on any one else patch you can bet your ass a RICO investigation would be going on. The rise of Cop Clubs should give every biker and citizen a pause.

Since when was it alright for government officials or local PD to play both sides of the fence? In the old days a person knew where they stood. Reports come in all the time about these cop clubs started fights and injuring people in bars and rallies.

Is anything ever done to them? No. The recent Denver altercation was a drunk corrections officer who fired his gun in a stadium full of people. Where is the outrage? Where is the investigation at?

As of today’s date no charges have been filed against this person. Not one Mongol pictured above had any weapons out.

The cops attorney was claiming self defense? These cops around the country are wondering why the citizens are starting to turn on them. It’s not only in the biker world stuff like this is happening. How many people have been killed because of these cops and the god like mindset they carry around. Now cops are allowed to be Judge and Jury. Your rights have been thrown out the door.

The biggest reason why the government goes after clubs is because of money. Each and every time someone gets arrested it is a free ticket for the cops to confiscate their property. We have seen it not only on a personal level but the club as a whole. Clubhouses, vests, bikes sold at auctions.

Think about it. How many millions do they make in these kinds of operations? They have under covers go into a club and most of the time actually instigate the criminal behavior. Their under covers are the ones who start the criminal activity and the clubs are dragged into it. It really don’t take a genius to figure out what the government is up too.

It’s time we as bikers take a stand and say we no longer accept this kind of behavior from police officials. Bikers Lives Matter dammit. Time to tell these cops that hard working men and even some cases women have the right under the constitution to associate with whomever they choose.

It isn’t illegal or make you a criminal to belong to a club. It’s not illegal to enjoy and be apart of a brotherhood. A biker should not have to worry about attending an event because some cop club is going to go wild west where thousands of people are at. Pass the word, Share this post and let it be known we won’t stand for it any longer.

Agency Threatens To Shut Down Casinos If They Host Motorcycle Clubs!

In a raging case of motorcycle profiling, the South Dakota Commission on Gaming has issued scathing warnings to “gaming establishments” (a.k.a. casinos) to not host motorcycle clubs. Not only is this an order against bikers, but also against these business owners. And nobody’s really doing anything about this! The authorities have always been acting against the bikers, and the businesses are too afraid to take on these shady agents of Uncle Sam.


What’s worse is that the agencies are making it look like it’s a decision of these establishments.


The truth is that these establishments are being strong-armed into this, and it’s a gross violation of biker’s First Amendment rights, as well as the establishments’ right to trade. In February, law enforcement requested the South Dakota Commission on Gaming to ensure that bikers weren’t allowed to wear their colors. This was around the time when the Hells Angels were planning their Annual National Run in Deadwood City.


The Cadillac Jacks Resort had won the bid to host the event.


The Resort had even entered into an agreement with the Hells Angels to host their event. That’s when Craig Sparrow, the Director of Enforcement at SDCG, threatened the resort with disciplinary action in an email. He used an arbitrarily-worded law to prohibit the resort from hosting the club unless they wanted their gaming license revoked.


Later, in a perfect illusion of choice, the SDCG sought suggestions from the industry on their interactions with the one-percenters.


Members of the hospitality and gaming industry responded to the SDCG, saying,

“We believe that the best path forward to keep Deadwood safe is for each individual property to have their security and management teams work with the city of Deadwood and its safety officials on proper safety planning that takes their unique properties into consideration. We do not believe there is a ‘one solution fits all’ approach that would be effective overall.”


While the industry is looking at the criminal elements in individual clubs as individual criminals, the SDCG is keen on discriminating against the clubs as a whole.


Dennis McFarlnad, the Gaming Commissioner, said that he “agrees” with the industry. But that’s all where he agrees at, in words. He added that the commission would take a dim view if any problem arises at a casino, and “one percenters are there are start the problem”. The commission has now asked for list of DGA member-casinos that are going to disallow colors during the Sturgis Rally in August. What do you think about this scathing discrimination? Let us know in the comments section below.

Motorcycle Club vs Biker Gang: What’s the Difference?

To the outside world, the two may seem like the same, but they really aren’t. Not every “motorcycle club” is a “biker gang”, and it’s high time people realize that. It’s high time bikers realize this themselves if they want to continue living the lifestyle they love so much. It’s absolutely cool to be a “motorcycle club”. But, I wouldn’t say the same for a “biker gang”.



In simple terms, a motorcycle club, is a group of people all of whom ride. And unlike a Riding Club, these guys don’t just ride together, they’re pretty much family to each other. Being part of a motorcycle club is like being part of a sacred brotherhood. It goes much beyond just riding and motorcycles. It’s a lifestyle.


Most Motorcycle Clubs in the country are registered with the American Motorcyclist Association.


AMA likes to call any motorcycle club that’s not registered with them as an “outlaw motorcycle club”. That’s not to mean that these “unregistered clubs” are doing anything illegal. They’re just not registered with this organization, which isn’t even a governmental organization.


Then, there are the OMGs.


Or as the U.S. Department of Justice likes to call them, “one-percenter outlaw motorcycle gangs”. According to the DOJ, these are essentially organized criminal syndicates in the form of a motorcycle club. There’s a whole long story to how the term “one-percenter” came into being. But, that’s a story for another time. Today, we’re here to urge you to watch this video from Insane Throttle that talks about the difference between a “motorcycle club” and a “biker gang”. It’s really important that you understand it, so that you can explain it to the people outside the biking community. Please DO give it a watch, and let us know what you think about it in the comments section below.

14-Year Old Kills Biker While Driving Wrong Side And The Authorities Are Not Sure Whom To Charge!

There’s a lot on the roads that can kill bikers. Inattentive drivers, drunk drivers, stupid pedestrians, road obstacles, stray animals, and whatnot. Of all these things, there’s one class of people I really didn’t expect to be on the list. But seems like, I was wrong. The new entry on the list is ‘little kids behind the wheel’. Today’s story is just about the same.


Thanks to parents who can’t keep a watch on their kids, hundreds of riders are losing their lives.


Today we’re reporting the sad demise of Dusty Duet and Robert Stafford. The two cousins were traveling on Robert’s Harley-Davidson motorcycle through Highway 74 in Louisiana. The two were returning home from a casino on early Monday morning when Robert saw a 2017 Nissan Versa approaching him in the wrong direction.


Robert tried to avoid the car, but couldn’t.


The car crashed into Robert’s motorcycle head-on in a horrific crash. Although none of the parties involved in the accident were under influence, the driver of the car certainly shouldn’t have had been driving. And that’s because he was a child of fourteen. He obviously wasn’t trained or mature enough to ride a car on the road.


As investigations are on into the matter, the DA’s office is looking into what charges can be filed and pursued.


It’s a clear case of manslaughter, but due to the young age of the perpetrator, he may just escape the consequences of his actions, which he otherwise would have had faced. It’s still not clear why the teen was driving, or whose car it was, or why he was on the wrong side.

Hells Angels MC turns 70 years old

Founded in 1948, the hells angels motorcycle club has been a pop-culture mainstay for decades.

Books, television and movies have mythologized them endlessly.

The story began on March 17, 1948, in San Bernardino, California, and the name is most-commonly attributed to the Howard Hughes movie of the same name, about World War II bombers. But that is where the military connection ends.

The hells angels website refutes the commonly held story that the group was founded by ex-military misfits and outcasts. Of course, later on, members from various branches of the military would join HAMC but it was not a military club to begin with.

The group’s logo, the Death Head, is easily one of the most recognizable brands of the 20th century. It’s since been copyrighted in the United States and internationally.

The “Berdoo” chapter is still alive and well to this day. That group’s 70th anniversary party is scheduled for this weekend. There are no chapters listed in Texas.

More clubs began popping up soon after in and around California. In 1957 Sonny Barger founded the Oakland chapter. He would end up becoming the face of the club in pop-culture, and to this day remains a cult figure.

Barger’s autobiography, “Hell’s Angel,” was released in 2001 to wide acclaim by motorcycle fans and others interested in the biker subculture.

By 1961 the club had a chapter in Auckland, New Zealand, and by the end of the decade the first of many chapters was founded in Europe. Australia, Africa and Brazil were still to come. Today there are even clubs in Turkey.

Nomad Dave shows off his Hells Angels tattoo as he attends a Hells Angels rally.

In 1965 LIFE magazine went on the road with the outlaw bikers for a series of photos featuring the group riding and interacting with polite society. Two years later Hunter S. Thompson wrote the non-fiction book “Hell’s Angels” about his time riding with the club.

They maintain an allure within mainstream culture, with TV shows like “Sons of Anarchy” adding to the mystique. Barger himself appeared on the show a handful of times. The motorcycle club in the TV show is purely fictional, although it does have some elements of the biker culture.

Deadly encounters between the Angels and other clubs have kept them squarely outside the lines, and the actions of bad apples among them haven’t helped matters.

Fed Up Biker Buries Skeleton in Pothole Protest

Town authorities don’t often realize this, but potholes don’t just cause discomfort to motorists, but are a major safety hazard, especially for bikers. While a deep pothole may just be a bump for an SUV, it can cause a motorcycle to lose its balance and crash. So, when the authorities wouldn’t fix the pothole near this man’s house, he had an innovative idea.


The pothole at the entrance of a village in Cornwall, UK, was dangerously deep.


It had been almost since two weeks since the pothole was spotted and reported to the town council. However, yet no action was taken. Fed up with the council’s absolutely apathy, he decided to stage a good photoshoot.


So this biker took his gloves, his helmet, and a skull.


64-year old Brian Joyce then put them in the pothole with the skull inside the helmet. The pictures almost look like a biker fell down in the deep pit years ago, and all that’s left of his face is his skull! Joyce took pictures of the pothole with his helmet and gloves, and then uploaded it on social media.

Unsurprisingly, the pictures went viral.


Meanwhile, the town council tried to save its face by trying to explain to the public why it wouldn’t fill massive potholes.


“Potholes reported to us will be inspected and prioritized as soon as practical. If they are considered to be a significant hazard, they will be treated by the end of the next working day.”

5 North County Motorcycle Club Members Seriously Injured in Vista Crash

Five people suffered serious injuries, and one later died, in a crash Saturday involving three Harley-Davidson motorcycles and a Toyota Camry sedan in Vista.

The crash was reported about 6:40 p.m. at 1385 East Vista Way, just north of Foothill Drive, San Diego County Sheriff‘s Lt. Matthew Glisson said.

He said five people were taken to the hospital. Video from the scene showed a helicopter transporting one of the injured.

One of the injured, a 55-year-old man, later died of his injuries at Palomar Medical Center in Escondido. His name was not immediately released.

The motorcyclists involved in the crash were apparently all members of the Grifters motorcycle club in Vista.

Vista Way was shut down in both directions between Foothill Drive and Palomar Place for the sheriff’s investigation, he said.

7 Things I Learned From Dating a Motorcyclist – From The Heart of a Women!

The past few months of my life have been the most amazing. Not only do I have an an amazing boyfriend, but I’ve learned things about bikes and bikers I never thought I would! At first, I thought it was “just a hobby”, but over time I realized it was MUCH more than that! It always is!

1. Motorcycles and riders have suddenly become inexplicably sexy!

Before I start dating my “biker guy”, I never gave motorcycles or bikers a second thought whenever I saw them. But ever since I saw my boyfriend ride down my street on his 400 pounds of growling metal, dressed in all leather, for the first time, I’ve never seen a motorcycle or a rider the same way again!

2. I get the time I’ve always needed!

Several of my previous relationships had my boyfriends be so involved in my life that I started to crave for just some alone time. But, once you get yourself a “biker guy” you never have to worry about him being over your head all the time. He needs his alone time with his bike, and I get mine with myself!

3. New Words!

Dating a biker is bound to expand your vocab quite a bit. Apart from the technical jargon you’ll often hear about, there’s a bunch of pretty cool “fun biker words” that you’d love to know! Example? Farkles!

4. Motorcyclists are no longer invisible!

If I had a dollar for every time my guy told me that car drivers just don’t see guys on motorcycles, I’d have a brand new Prada clutch! I guess the best way to change that is for everybody to date a motorcyclist once in their life! Call it the Baader Meinhof Effect, but ever since I started dating him, I’ve seen more riders on the road than I ever thought existed!

5. I’ve planned for situations I never thought I’d have to worry about!

He might like to live in denial and say motorcycling is no more dangerous than a lot of other common stuff, but I can’t. I know what he does is dangerous, and there’s a lot that can go wrong every time he mounts his saddle. I can’t help but have the worst of thoughts cross my mind, and I’ve planned things I never thought I’d ever worry about!

6. Motorcycles have a place in their life that’s just irreplaceable!

After reading Point #5, you might think why don’t I just have him stop riding, then?! Well, that’s because, for him, and all the other guys like him, motorcycles and biking occupies a place in their life that’s just not replaceable, not even by me, not by anything. I can’t possibly claim to love a person and have them let go of the thing that gives them such immense pleasure and joy!

7. I ended up with one of my own!

If you plan to be with them long enough, know that you aren’t just getting yourself a biker. You may pretty well get yourself a bike too! Once you learn to live with the fear of the dangers of riding a motorcycle, and it normalizes for you, you’ll start to see the amazing thing it is! You wouldn’t be able to help yourself, but be tempted to get yourself one too!

Gas station employee suspended for shooting armed robber

Jennifer Wertz, a Circle K employee from Albuquerque, New Mexico, was placed on a 2-week suspension after she shot a robbery suspect.

“I grabbed my gun from my pocket, I cocked it, and I shot,” Wertz said to Tucson News Now, “I’m sick and tired of being a sitting duck.”

Wertz says robberies in this area are becoming more common and she doesn’t feel like anyone will protect her if she doesn’t protect herself first. When an armed robber pulled a gun on her, Wertz didn’t hesitate to respond in kind. “He like stepped into the door and pointed the gun at me. I reacted,” she said.

Wertz shot 23-year-old Ferron Mendez in the chest, but the armed robber is expected to live. “Robberies have been going on like this for the past few weeks. They have done nothing to protect me. And I felt the need to protect myself,” Wertz said about the gun that was clearly visible on her hip.

She doesn’t agree with Circle K’s compliance policy and quit after she was suspended for defending herself. “We are not to chase. We are not to provoke. We are not to do anything. We just stand there and give them what they want and they leave,” she explained. “What if he would have come in and just shot me just because I wasn’t behind the counter?”


In this one, we check out a video of a dirt dragger that has the intensity turned up to 11. If you thought that seeing a Hayabusa in action on concrete was impressive, wait until you see this thing trying to conquer the dirt as it wraps up and spits out wake of brown, screaming as loud as possible while the driver sways back and forth, making his way down the track and through the finish line. We have to say that this motorcycle is a pure joy for all the senses as it hits the dirt with a vengeance, really making its presence felt as this rider has to have balls of steel to be able to make this thing work all the way down the track.

Check out the video down below that will put you on the scene of the action, giving you a perfect perspective to bear witness to this incredible two-wheeled freak as it plants down hard and gets to business. When it comes time to get to racing, it really seems like this thing is all work and no play.