Biker & US Army Veteran Seeks Help From Motorcycle Community


Chase Ohm is a biker from El Paso, TX who is making a plea to the motorcycle community – to help him locate and recover his stolen motorcycle. He’s Motor Transport Operator with the US Army, who has recently returned from an overseas deployment, and considering the service and sacrifice he is making for his country, we feel compelled here …

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Tug Of War Between Two Classic Riding Mowers Has A Surprise Ending

tug of war

Well I don’t know how far men will go with their ideas of battles and this is something interesting and hilarious. It is the lawn mower pull going wrong in all possible ways. The two lawn mowers in the video below are Allis Chalmers 811 and John Deere 212. So, first we can see the two gentlemen setting up for …

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This is why you should always set the parking brake when on ferry


Check out the footage below as someone was able to pull out their cell phone with enough time to watch the truck roll right on off of the ferry and float for a little while before inevitably finding its way down to a watery gravesite. If this was truly an accident, you can’t help but feel for the people who …

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Would you want to live next to an outlaw biker gang?


There are some who believe the presence of outlaw bikers has a calming effect on a neighborhood, but one expert says that’s a myth. In recent months, two clubs tied to well-known biker gangs have set up new bases in the Halifax area and their presence has some people in those areas worried. Others think it might deter other criminals from …

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SHOCKING VIDEO: Arizona woman sends picture as she sets fire to boyfriend’s Harley Davidson, police say


MESA, AZ – An Arizona woman is accused of setting her boyfriend’s motorcycle on fire. Court records show that on January 3, Mesa police and firefighters went to a home for a shed fire. Inside the storage shed, officials reportedly found a destroyed 2004 Springer Harley-Davidson motorcycle in addition to partially burnt and partially filled gasoline cans just outside the …

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Will Bulletproof Glass Stop A .50 Cal?

bulletproof glass

The 50 caliber BMG cartridge is definitely useful for the troops fighting overseas. While the war may be over, it’s definitely not time to put away your sniping skills if you have them. Often times we want to know how much our bullets can penetrate different obstacles. Luckily thanks to channels like Demolition Ranch, we can definitely be assured of …

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Aaron Kaufman parts away on tonight’s season premier


We all know who Aaron Kaufman and Richard Rawling are, the main persons in Gas Monkey Garage. You’ve probably have heard about the latest announcement that Aaron is leaving Gas Monkey Garage, and where he would go is still a mystery….   Checkout the latest teaser that will give you an idea of what you can expect of what you can see …

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Fasted Road Build We’ve Ever Seen!

fast road creation

Did someone say instant drag strip!? Just hire these guys and in less than one day you could have a drag strip built! Most roads take months to build, why can they do it so faster over in Australia? We need to learn these secrets and start making roads like this. This might be a world record for fastest useable …

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