When Dirt Biking Goes HORRIBLY Wrong!

1″ diameter tree branch impaled 2 1/2″ into my cheek. TURN UP THE VOLUME

Well guys good news is yes im still alive! I get a lot of questions about this freak accident from all you guys so i will try to answer most of them by going into more detail about it. This happened in the outskirts of San Diego.

Im not too sure why i went down as there was clearly no major issue.

the guy riding with me was my dad who is a fire chief and YES he is laughing at me and asking if im still recording because he was unaware of the severity of the crash at the time.

YES I WAS WEARING A FULL FACE HELMET with goggles and everything, the stick just managed to get up and under the chin guard. after the video stopped my dad rode out to where the truck was and was able to drive back to where i was because we luckily had just gotten onto the main jeep road. from the time that it happened to the time we got to the ER was about 4 hours.

It took so long because it took awhile to get the truck back to me then drive back out then we had to make it into town and we actually stopped at home and changed first (stupid i know) then drove past 3 hospitals to go to a really good hospital.

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WATCH: When Dirt Biking Goes HORRIBLY Wrong!


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