Drone footage has captured a massive brawl between two rival biker gangs in Ottowa, Illinois, 80 miles southwest of Chicago.

Four men from the motorcycle gangs the Hells Angels and the The Outlaws have been arrested, and three are charged with felonies.

50 to 75 bikers were involved in the incident that occurred Sunday night, according to police.

The whole fight only lasted about 45 seconds. Police were stationed outside the bar before the brawl broke out.

Ottawa police say they recovered two handguns, multiple knives and other weapons including brass knuckles.

One police officer received minor injuries. He was treated and released from a local hospital.

Craig Varner, 45, was cited for expired registration.

Christopher Tondini, 39, was charged with unlawfully altering his registration.

Robert Thoman, 53, was arrested on complaints of mob action, and possession of brass knuckles, a broken glass bottle and bringing a gun into a bar.

The most serious charges are against Eric Cronin, 38. He was arrested on complaints of mob action and aggravated assault upon a peace officer for allegedly assaulting a police officer with a knife.

Shannon Cantu filmed all the action on his drone after hearing about a possible fight. He posted the video to Facebook Sunday night, where it already has 175,000 views.

Author: Jake Jackson

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