“Loud Pipes Save Lives” is a phrase every American has heard at least once in their life. But is it really true? We find out..

For a person who isn’t a motorcyclist, “Loud Pipes Save Lives” makes little to no sense. One may get how seat belts save lives. Or how airbags save lives. But how the hell are loud pipes supposed to save lives?!

The concept at its first hearing sounds absurd.

But is it really?!

Talk to a motorcyclist, however, and it may not seem that absurd to him. While some would concur with the notion, others won’t. But motorcyclist at least would have a better locus standi on this issue, than a person who doesn’t ride.

Ever since motorcycles and cars have co-existed on the same roads, the issue of motorcyclists’ safety has been of grave concern. While car drivers are protected in their steel cages, motorcyclists are much more vulnerable.

And unlike cars, motorcycles can’t really have fancy crash-resistant monochromes, roll cages, airbags, or even seat belts. Unlike cars, they aren’t so easily visible either. All this while, a slightest brush against another vehicle can be fatal for a rider. This lack of safety machinery coupled with the increased vulnerability is what drives many away from riding.

But loud pipes, as some put it, is the solution to better visibility. In a time, when a host of things on the road, and within the car, compete for a driver’s attention, a loud pipe is perhaps one of the best ways to ensure a driver’s attention. A significant proportion of fatalities in motorcycle accidents are due to lack of care or attention on part of car drivers. And this is why, loud pipes may save some lives! This is why there’s so much fandom for the phrase among many motorcyclists. So much so that some even carry badges engraved with this on their riding jackets!

The question is, does the entire society have to pay for those inattentive douchebag drivers?

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