Bikers for Trump has Huge Plans

Bikers For Trump is an organization which is barely three years old, but is already making waves across the nation. They are no ordinary people. They are bikers. Bikers who’d do anything to support the President, Donald Trump. Spearheaded by Chris Cox, the organization has an enviable proximity with the President. And they want to use that to do great things for the President, and for bikers!


Recently they organized a rally to support Republican candidate Ron DeSantis in his run for the Governor’s Office.

Interestingly, Rep. DeSantis didn’t show up at the rally, and the Bikers For Trump barely mentioned him in a rally held for his support! This was because the rally had a larger purpose than supporting DeSantis. The rally was to support President Trump, who has endorse DeSantis.

“The fact that Donald Trump has endorsed DeSantis is all Bikers for Trump needs to know.”

“What I intend to do is simply to follow Trump’s lead.”

Cox has had a rather colorful life.

He first shot up to fame about five years ago, when during the 2013 Government Shutdown, Cox mowed the lawn near the Lincoln Memorial. This stunt put his face on national TV and earned him the nickname “lawnmower man”. Originally a chainsaw woodcarving artist, Cox has also worked for Vice President Dan Quayle as advance man.

It wasn’t all the same when Cox launched the organization in the fall of 2015.

At that point of time, very few people in the country actually looked at Donald Trump’s run for the President with seriousness. In a time like that, many were puzzled with the notion of a group of ex-vet blue-collared men supporting a suit-dawning billionaire Manhattanite. However, there was something about Trump that just struck the right chord with these bikers.

And that was the promises Trump made. The way he worked.

Donald Trump wasn’t trying to be “politically correct” like the rest of his opponents. He said what he felt. He promised to “knock the hell out of ISIS”. He promised to imporve veteran care, and rebuild the military. These were exactly the things these veteran bikers wanted to hear, even if it was coming from a golf-playing business tycoon.

Bikers For Trump eventually became a largely visible Trump-supporting group.

They worked hard during Trump’s campaign. They informally worked with law enforcement to identify rabble-rousers, patrolled the rallies, and occasionally even got into scuffles with dumbnut protesters. All this caught the national media’s attention, as well as got them appreciation from the President himself. Cox was invited to the Oval office.

With Trump in office finally, Cox had larger plans for Bikers For Trump.

Cox now works with a staff of part-time volunteers to support President Trump. Bikers For Trump not only support the President, but also his policies, and the candidates he endorses. The Social Media group for Biker For Trump now boasts of over a hundred thousand members! Cox has held several rallies in support of the President and candidates endorsed by him.

“We are not ‘Bikers Who Think We Know Best’. We are ‘Bikers for Trump’. He has to point the direction. He’s the compass. We don’t ever get ahead of him.”

And this is just the beginning.

Cox envisions to turn bikers into an influential voting block. He wants to make Bikers For Trump like the NRA! Cox is currently planning events in Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. He’s also working with the Trump Administration to combat the opioid epidemic. Cox envisions to have erected mobile drug treatment centers on Indian Reservations and across the Rust Belt. He also thinks that reforming VA should be one of the nation’s urgent priorities.

Agency Threatens To Shut Down Casinos If They Host Motorcycle Clubs!

In a raging case of motorcycle profiling, the South Dakota Commission on Gaming has issued scathing warnings to “gaming establishments” (a.k.a. casinos) to not host motorcycle clubs. Not only is this an order against bikers, but also against these business owners. And nobody’s really doing anything about this! The authorities have always been acting against the bikers, and the businesses are too afraid to take on these shady agents of Uncle Sam.


What’s worse is that the agencies are making it look like it’s a decision of these establishments.


The truth is that these establishments are being strong-armed into this, and it’s a gross violation of biker’s First Amendment rights, as well as the establishments’ right to trade. In February, law enforcement requested the South Dakota Commission on Gaming to ensure that bikers weren’t allowed to wear their colors. This was around the time when the Hells Angels were planning their Annual National Run in Deadwood City.


The Cadillac Jacks Resort had won the bid to host the event.


The Resort had even entered into an agreement with the Hells Angels to host their event. That’s when Craig Sparrow, the Director of Enforcement at SDCG, threatened the resort with disciplinary action in an email. He used an arbitrarily-worded law to prohibit the resort from hosting the club unless they wanted their gaming license revoked.


Later, in a perfect illusion of choice, the SDCG sought suggestions from the industry on their interactions with the one-percenters.


Members of the hospitality and gaming industry responded to the SDCG, saying,

“We believe that the best path forward to keep Deadwood safe is for each individual property to have their security and management teams work with the city of Deadwood and its safety officials on proper safety planning that takes their unique properties into consideration. We do not believe there is a ‘one solution fits all’ approach that would be effective overall.”


While the industry is looking at the criminal elements in individual clubs as individual criminals, the SDCG is keen on discriminating against the clubs as a whole.


Dennis McFarlnad, the Gaming Commissioner, said that he “agrees” with the industry. But that’s all where he agrees at, in words. He added that the commission would take a dim view if any problem arises at a casino, and “one percenters are there are start the problem”. The commission has now asked for list of DGA member-casinos that are going to disallow colors during the Sturgis Rally in August. What do you think about this scathing discrimination? Let us know in the comments section below.

Five Hells Angels Have Been Arrested For Shooting A Biker In Washington. Here’s The Story.

It’s almost become a weekly feature for us to be reporting the hells angels going down now. It doesn’t even seem uncanny anymore. Maybe it’s time the club and the members start maintaining a low-profile, if they don’t want law enforcement to tear apart their very fabric. This time, today, we are reporting the arrest of five hells angels members in connection with a shooting in Washington.



The victim was riding with a bunch of Hells Angels motorcyclists.


The exact scene of events and why the shooting took place isn’t exactly clear. When the Washington State Patrol troopers arrived, they found a 52-year old Dennis Donahue shot in the leg. He was first transported to Lourdes ER in Pasco, and then later moved to Kadlec Medical Center.


The victim is in serious condition.


Franklin County Sheriff’s Detectives have identified six men as Hells Angels members who had a connection with the shooting. One of them was driving a Chevrolet pickup. Investigators said that three of the five motorcycles were hit by bullets.


A handgun with a bloody trail was found just 15 feet away from the group.


Consequently, five Hells Angels members were arrested.


Jason A. Marshall, 47; Neal G. Foulger, 55; William D. Smeeton, 47; William I. Maclean, 66; and Michael A. Smullen, 59.


The arrested bikers were sent to the Franklin County Jail for 72 hours. Although no charges have yet been filed, the bikers were sent to jail on “suspicion of criminal mischief”.

Thug Tried To Bully Biker. Only To Find Out He’s An Ex-Soldier With Two Black Belts!

I always like to tell people that don’t mess with bikers. And I don’t mean that in a way that bikers are crooks like most other people seem to think, but in the simple logic that bikers are generally fitter and stronger than your average Joe. And then there are some bikers who just raise the bars way too high. Today, we have the story of one such guy, Jason Smith.


The guy’s pretty much a real-life action hero, but doesn’t like to flaunt it.



For some reason, this thug thought that Jason was “just another 35-year old dude” who he could bully. The thug got into Smith’s yard, and started an argument with him. In the video, we could hear him yelling expletives at Smith loudly.


And the way Smith reacts is absolutely unbelievable.



Being an ex-soldier, and a man with two black belts, he could have knocked this thug into the ground in a minute. However, despite all the provocation, Smith maintained his calm and composure.


The thug even spilled garbage from the trashcan in Smith’s yard, and Smith still didn’t say anything.


It was only when the thug started getting physical that Smith brushed him away several times. And even then, Smith didn’t hit him.

After being brushed away like a little mouse several times and finally seeing Smith in his martial artist form, the thug realized what he was getting himself into.

This Funny Motorcycle Commercial Shows Why Men Have Motorcycles [Video]

We recently did a feature on great Harley commercials. We love Harleys and we love their marketing folks almost as much! Some of Harley’s commercials are quite raunchy. And we just got to know that it’s not just the folks at Harley who have these balls of steel to come up with stuff like that.

Here’s presenting to you Big Dog Motorcycles. They’re apparently the largest makers of custom motorcycles in the World. Not only is their name badass, but so are their bikes, and even their commercials.

They’ve kept it quite simple and to the point. Women love bikers. There’re no two views about it. Every woman knows it. Every biker knows it. There’re a good number of reasons why women find bikers much more sexy than guys who don’t ride. In fact, we even did a feature on that recently. And this is what Big Dogs’ badass marketing team decided to use.

In the commercial, we see a family waiting in a station wagon at the signal. There’s the dad at the wheel, the mom in the front seat, and kids in the back. And just then, a guy on a Big Dogs motorcycle pulls up next to the car, on the woman’s side. You really need to check out the video and see what the woman does next!


Any person who’s been a rider for long enough in the States definitely knows about the Sturgis Rally. It’s one of the biggest bike rallies in the country.

It is held every year in August in the South Dakota town of Sturgis. It is being organized since 1938! Here are some of the relatively unknown facts about it…


The crowds in the rally often rival the population of entire South Dakota itself! The town of Sturgis has a population of about 7,000. The Rally is the bread and butter for a lot of people over there and planning goes around the year to conduct this week-long event! In 2015, the total attendance at the rally was over 100 times the population of Sturgis!


There’s an Annual Beard and Moustache Contest held at the rally. For the bearded bikers, there’re quite a few quirky awards up for grabs. These include titles like “Papa Beard” and “Dapper Stache”.


Every year at the rally, hundreds of biker couples get married. A wedding at the rally once even had a kangaroo in it!


The “City of Riders” lets riders leave their presence on commemorative granite pavers and bricks. These are placed in the main street of downtown Sturgis every second year, and can even be bought online!


A lot of people think that the rally is the mecca for the “rough and tough”. However, the truth is that it really isn’t so, if you’re planning on doing illegal stuff. There are hefty fines for a variety of offenses, all of which can be seen at the Rally website.

Which of these did you already know? Are you aware about any other lesser known facts about the rally? Do let us know in the comments section below.

Motorcycle Accidents Reportedly Cost $16 Billion to the Government!

Motorcycle accidents are both a scary and a sad thought for us bikers. The attributed that make motorcycling a really great thing to do also make it pretty unsafe. And it’s this vulnerability and inherent lack of safety in riding that bikers sustain much higher injuries in any crash.

In fact, you’re as per official data, the risk of death in case of a motorcycle accident is about 30 times higher than that in case of a car crash! With all the stupid and inattentive drives on the road and the gazillion other things that can kill us, I really don’t find the stat hard to believe.

Today, we have some stats from the Government Accountability Office that shed light on the cost of motorcycle accidents. In a year, about 82,000 riders were reported to be injured in a motorcycle accident. And about 4,500 were killed in motorcycle crashes.

The combined total cost of all these accidents was pegged to be about $16 billion! Crashes in which the rider died costed about $1.2mn on an average. And crashes where riders just sustained injuries costed between $2,500 and $1.4mn. The huge variation in this figure is because of the varying cost of medical expenses as a result of the varying magnitude of injuries.

Centre For Disease Control gave another interesting number. Apparently, the use of helmets in all the motorcycle accidents combined saved the economy a whopping $3bn! This is because helmets cut the chances of fatality by as much as 39%, according to the NHTSA.


Warning, before watching the video, you shouldn’t put your guards down. The shocking video shows two bikers speeding wrong way and crashed into cars. The video is quite horrific and one of the bikers seems like targeting the guy, directly, filming the video.

This incident took place in Russia. Definitely, Russia has dashcams installed on the cars in large numbers. The reason they have dashcams is to avoid corruption and bribe while travelling on the motorway. Due to dashcams, the drivers have proof of not guilty.

Due to the dashcams, several awkward videos get released on the internet showing the mistakes of the drivers. This video is one of its own and can’t be related to the other videos in general.


AUGUSTA (WGME) — Two motorcyclists taking part in the annual United Bikers of Maine Toy Run died Sunday in collision with a pickup truck on I-95 in Augusta.

Thousands of bikers had just left the Augusta Civic Center before the crash on the northbound lanes of I-95 around noon.

State Police say four other people were injured and taken to MaineGeneral in Augusta.

Four motorcycles were involved in the crash.

One biker died at the scene, while the other died shortly after arriving at the hospital.

The pickup truck landed on its side in a ditch of the interstate.

Two other bikers and the two people in the truck were transported with non-life threatening injuries.

Police continue to investigate the cause of the crash. Anyone with information is asked to contact Maine State Police at 624-7076.

Roughly 3,000 bikers were involved in the toy run, with most riders behind the accident when it happened.

The accident caused a massive traffic back up, as the northbound lanes were closed for two hours. Traffic was diverted.

The identifies of the victims are expected to be released later on Sunday.

5 Ways To Meet Other Motorcyclists

At Moto Secrets, we’ve been saying since long that Motorcycling is not a way of commute, but a way of life. There are few fraternities as closely knit as those of motorcyclists. Motorcycle clubs often function as large brotherhoods.

And it’s absolutely great to be a part of this culture. However, new riders can often find themselves confused on how to become part of this amazing fraternity. Don’t you worry. We’ve compiled a list of some sure-shot ways to meet more motorcyclists and make your biker buddies.

1. Take Your Helmet Along

If you’ve been riding long enough, you already know that motorcyclists attract other motorcyclists. However, that’s only one of them knows that the other is a biker. And what better way to tell that to people than carry your helmet along. It can be a great conversation starter.

2. Go Camping On Your Motorcycle

Motorcycle trips are something just about every rider does these days. Or at least, the new ones do. Unsurprisingly, in every region, certain places have become really popular with bikers as camping spots. Try hitting those spots on your bike, and we’re sure you’ll have a lot of fun, and certainly make quite a few biker buddies.

3. Social Media

Facebook and other Social Media websites are used very actively these days to organize social events. Just find the right biker groups, events, and local area groups, and you’ll be good to go.

4. Go To Bike Rallies

There’s probably no other event which pulls as many bikers as bike rallies do. Popular rallies can see thousands and thousands of bikers participating. They are essentially large gatherings of like-minded people who love their bikes, are there to party, mingle, and have fun. It’s hard to not meet new and great people at biker rallies.

5. Participate in Motorcycle Charity Runs

This is an absolute win-win thing to do. It’s not something you should do just to make biker buddies. But, something you should just do. Everybody should give back to the society, and what better way to raise awareness and funds for the striking causes of our times and area. Many clubs and organizations organize motorcycle runs for the same. Just be part of one, and you’ll make some really nice biker buddies.