Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs-A Government Lie Exposed


“In fact, more police officers are charged and convicted of felonies every year than members of outlaw motorcycle clubs.

And members of outlaw motorcycle clubs have been heavily involved in the grassroots rights movement concerning civil liberties ranging from helmet choice to profiling”.

The source article got many things about Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs right. Let’s dive a little deeper into the matter. Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs were branded by Law Enforcement as “Outlaw Clubs or OMG’s”. It wasn’t the clubs themselves that put this brand on their club but Law Enforcement. Why did they brand the clubs as OMGs? It’s simple .

Clubs and the people inside them didn’t sit there and kiss the cops asses. They stood up to what society said the way people should act. Lets face it. After Vietnam the country turned on the returning vets. They would spit on them returning from Nam.

Your dam right these brothers would turn their back on society. They had every right too. Here are veterans returning from war (Most Drafted) the hippies and self loathing liberals treated them like dog shit. So yes they bonded together into clubs to find the brotherhood they had overseas.

Some of the clubs that are branded OMG have been around since WW2 and before. Some of the biggest ones have had hundreds if not thousands wear the club patch. Yes there is going to be some that live in the criminal underground.

Does this mean the whole club is a criminal organization as local and federal cops say? The government of the United States has had Senators,Congressman and even a President commit illegal acts. Does that make the United States Senate a criminal conspiracy?

Why has Outlaw Clubs came into the public eye? Well Kurt Sutter and the Sons of Anarchy. Since that show first came out, you can bet that those who never rode before ran out and got a bike.

After they got a bike they ran out with their friends and bought some patches. They started themselves a club and started going out raising hell like they seen on tv. Problem with that is the club scene was never anywhere near what that dam show tried to project. It was a Hollywood show you dam morons. To think that club life is like that you have to be some kind of fool.

So what about all the fighting and gun battles between clubs? Well in the last 10 years or so their has only been 2 major tussles. Those were directly related to a Pig club Iron Order M/C. This is a club that was started by an ex secret service agent. The club is full of cops. Yea it has veterans in it and regular mojos but the point is the clubs is full of cops. This club has gone around starting shit because these cops think they can do what they want because they are cops. If you ever truly noticed every newspaper article on the Denver Shooting these punk Iron Order were right there talking to their police buddies after the incident. No Handcuffs or ties.

This is the problem the lifestyle is now facing. Cop Clubs and not Outlaw Clubs. Outlaw Clubs always kept a low profile, they never went out looking for shit to get into. These cop clubs on the other hand are always in the middle.
Who is really the threat? I have to say if your a cop and running around playing Outlaw Biker you are.

You as a cop are suppose to know your place in society. Shit just recently alot of Police Departments are banning officers from clubs because even they know this crap isn’t right. You can’t go around branding other clubs as Outlaw Clubs when you are in fact perpetrating that image with your cop club. I often wonder when a RICO case will hit the Iron Order or Punishers M/C.

It is after all that if a member is doing something against the law, then the whole club should be held accountable. Isn’t that what the Feds try pushing on some of the bigger clubs now?

I wonder where ATF is in Kentucky? Now if this picture above was on any one else patch you can bet your ass a RICO investigation would be going on. The rise of Cop Clubs should give every biker and citizen a pause.

Since when was it alright for government officials or local PD to play both sides of the fence? In the old days a person knew where they stood. Reports come in all the time about these cop clubs started fights and injuring people in bars and rallies.

Is anything ever done to them? No. The recent Denver altercation was a drunk corrections officer who fired his gun in a stadium full of people. Where is the outrage? Where is the investigation at?

As of today’s date no charges have been filed against this person. Not one Mongol pictured above had any weapons out.

The cops attorney was claiming self defense? These cops around the country are wondering why the citizens are starting to turn on them. It’s not only in the biker world stuff like this is happening. How many people have been killed because of these cops and the god like mindset they carry around. Now cops are allowed to be Judge and Jury. Your rights have been thrown out the door.

The biggest reason why the government goes after clubs is because of money. Each and every time someone gets arrested it is a free ticket for the cops to confiscate their property. We have seen it not only on a personal level but the club as a whole. Clubhouses, vests, bikes sold at auctions.

Think about it. How many millions do they make in these kinds of operations? They have under covers go into a club and most of the time actually instigate the criminal behavior. Their under covers are the ones who start the criminal activity and the clubs are dragged into it. It really don’t take a genius to figure out what the government is up too.

It’s time we as bikers take a stand and say we no longer accept this kind of behavior from police officials. Bikers Lives Matter dammit. Time to tell these cops that hard working men and even some cases women have the right under the constitution to associate with whomever they choose.

It isn’t illegal or make you a criminal to belong to a club. It’s not illegal to enjoy and be apart of a brotherhood. A biker should not have to worry about attending an event because some cop club is going to go wild west where thousands of people are at. Pass the word, Share this post and let it be known we won’t stand for it any longer.

Protesters Block Motorcycle Cops From Passing – Biker Cops Make Sure They Regret it Immediately!

Gone are the days when public protests used to be just about meaningful political and social issues. Gone are the days when public-spirited people actually joined hands to bring about good in the society. Now, we’ve entered an age where just about anybody and everybody without a job starts up a protest against something they don’t like or understand.


There’s really no dearth of pseudo-intellectuals and so-called liberals who have a problem with just about everything that’s done in the country.


They still want to live here, but they want to crib about it every single breath, too. While corporate malpractices and nexus between corporates and are politicians is a serious and grave issue, these idiots raised it in such a manner that it was reduced to nothing but a joke!


I’m sure most of them didn’t have the slightest of clue of how economics or finance works.


But that didn’t stop them from “occupying” in the financial district in the City of San Francisco, as part of their “Occupy SF” movement. Their solution to the influence of corporates over government policies and economic equality was to make sure that honest hard-working people couldn’t get to work.


When they blocked the regular traffic, there wasn’t much the hardworking Americans could do.


But, they made the biggest mistake of their day when they tried blocking these badass motorcycle cops. The motor cop literally rammed their bikes into these idiots and made sure that their “human chain” wouldn’t last long. Whatever remainder help was needed, was supplied by their buddies on the tarmac with their batons!

Why Do Biker Cops Use Big Harley Type Motorcycles Instead of a Sport Bike?

A lot of people wonder why most Police departments in the country use Harley-Davidsons. Most of these “general wonderers” are people who don’t ride. And it is this lack of knowledge which translates into this ignorance of a question.

Most people who know ride know why Harleys are the preferred choice for police departments across the country. Many people think cops should use sport bikes instead since they’re faster and agiler. Well, nobody is denying the speed and agility of sportbikes.

However, contrary to popular media perception, motorcycle cops aren’t engaging in high-speed pursuits all the time. This is why speed and agility is not particularly high in the police departments’ priority list. What is of greater importance is comfort. Motorcycle cops’ motorcycles are practically their office where they spend 8 hours a day! If you’ve ridden a sportbike you wouldn’t probably even dare imagine that.

So, comfort is the primary reason something like a Harley-Davidson is much better suited than a sportbike. Next, a Harley has the space to stock up all the gear and stuff motorcycle cops need to carry with them. Imagine the kind of baggage they have on their bikes on a sportbike and you’ll understand how ridiculous a motorcycle cop on a sportbike will look!

The next thing is reliability. Police departments can’t have their cops’ motorcycles be stranded in the workshop every couple of thousand kilometers. And this is where Harley’s reliability steps in. Of course, Harleys are hassle-free only when they’re well maintained, but then that’s not really a difficult task for most police departments.

The reason Harleys are preferred by most police departments over other cruisers is probably because departments like to go “American” whenever they can. This is probably why the U.S. Military uses Hummer and not Land Cruisers. Police Cars are generally Fords and not Hondas. And probably also why police motorcycles are more often Harleys and not BMWs.


YouTube personality Rob Ferretti has decided to make a video dedicated to a shamefully relevant subject in our nation right now: how to not get beaten or shot by the cops. While that may pertain to a few comparatively isolated but highly publicized events that have escalated tensions from coast to coast, there are countless police interactions daily that can go smoothly or end badly.

While there are certainly people out there who seem dead set on arguing Ferretti’s first point, by simply doing as you’re told, you can almost certainly ensure every interaction with the police will go reasonably smooth. One thing many people seem to forget is that the officer is simply doing his job. If you feel he’s in the wrong, arguing with him is not going to help in any way. He’s interpreted the situation and deemed you a criminal. You argue that in court, not standing on the sidewalk or while seated in your car. Take it to court and argue there, not with the officer.


With all of the negative police videos spiraling out of control on the web, you’d think that those rare cops in the bunch that aren’t too straight with the rules would get their act together and make sure that nothing out of line happens, especially when they know that cameras are rolling pretty much all the time and if a nearby bystander doesn’t capture the action, then their own dashcam just might!

For this officer, it seems like he either just simply doesn’t care or is mixed up in something that is more of an accident than it looks like. This one looks like a sheer act of road rage as the offier in question here appears to be about blinded with rage when he decides to haul off on a civilian in a rather questionable maneuver.

Whether it was the heat of the moment or not is yet to be seen but one thing is for sure – the police ended up paying big time for this action that did some big time damage. I guess that all that there is to do now is to learn from this swift series of events and try to avoid acting in such a way in the future.

New Tesla has a feature from the 1960s that causes a huge problem for police

A happy family was surprised to see a pair of police cruisers blocking their driveway after arriving home from a drive with their kids.

The officers told the parents that they had received a call about someone putting a child in trunk of a car. Needless to say, the parents were more than a little surprised to be accused of putting their children in danger, but they agreed to open the back of their new Tesla.

Here’s what the officer saw after they opened the trunk,

It’s not uncommon to find rear-facing seats in the back of a station wagon, but most people don’t realize the latest Teslas have put the same seats in a sedan.

Luckily everyone had a good laugh, but the cops still asked to see the driver’s ID before letting the family go back in their home.

This isn’t the first time police have been called about “kids in the trunk” and it probably won’t be the last.

In February, 2017 a man in Newhall, California was briefly held at gunpoint by two officers who thought he had placed a kidnap victim in his trunk. “It was not a kidnapping,” confirmed Santa Clarita Valley Police Department Lt. Rob Hahnlein in an interview with the Santa Clarita Valley Signal. “The new Teslas have a weird back seat and when they put the (child) in the back seat it looked like they were putting them in the trunk.”

Hahnlein said that his officers will respond to any kidnapping call and act accordingly. “We’re not Tesla experts,” he explained.


Harley-Davidsons aren’t the fastest bikes on the planet. And considering how most of them are meant for comfortable riding and not racing, this doesn’t come as a surprise either.

But that doesn’t mean that if ridden right, they can’t beat a sportsbike. We’ve seen in the past how Harleys have kept up with sports bike even when it involved a lot of agile maneuvering.

In this clip, we see a guy on a Honda CBR600RR challenging a cop on a Traffic Signal for a race, after he revs his bike at the cop. The cop gives a smirk smile, and there it starts.

Now, where do you find a cop who’s happy. And that too, at the sight of a biker who wants to race him is beyond our imagination. This is also we are inclined to think that the video may not be real.

What’s more surprising is that once the light goes green, the two bikes race against each other. The Harley and the Honda cut each other at every point they can. What’s even more surprising is the fact that after a few minutes of fierce racing the Harley leaves behind the Honda in the dust! We hope to find such cool cops too!


While he ultimately failed to apprehend this fleeing suspect, we have to say this officer did a pretty damn good job of pursuing the perpetrator. Most impressively, the officer took his cruiser into the off road domain of the RZR and handled everything the guy threw at him like a champ. From beginning to end, the officer does a solid job of staying right on the tail of the UTV, maintaining control of his car despite the sketchy terrain and quick thinking driver behind the wheel of the RZR.

We say it often and we’re going to reiterate here, we’d never advocate anybody running from the cops. While you may elude a single officer in his car, they have radios that allow them to stay one step ahead usually, plus they can call in air support that you’ll have a very hard time escaping, even in the woods.

However, in this case, it looks like the guy got away, although we don’t know if the officer might have phoned in for air support to help track this guy down or had other units waiting in other areas of the woods.


For those who don’t know, which included us until we saw this video, a velomobile is basically a bicycle with an enclosed aerodynamic fairing to help reduce drag and provide some protection from the elements and possible collisions. While they look like a tiny bullet-shaped car, they are not required to be registered due to the fact that they are human powered like any other bicycle you find on the roadway.

The rider of this particular velo was cruising down the streets of San Diego when a SDPD officer pulled him over. While other videos on the guys channel show some more contentious interactions with the cops, this officer was excellent to deal with, showing a genuine interest in the fairly rare ride and keeping the stop short and to the point without being rude. In his other videos, the rider seems to almost be trolling the cops, trying to catch them on camera saying or doing something wrong or inaccurate, but this officer handles the situation perfectly, even laughing at the guy’s attempt to crack jokes.

Video shows man attack motorcyclist in Ohio road rage incident

BEAVERCREEK, Ohio — A helmet camera captured a road rage incident last week in which a man can be seen knocking over a motorcycle and then apparently punching the bike’s owner.

The Dayton Daily News reports the confrontation occurred Friday on an onramp for Interstate 675. The driver of a car and the motorcycle driver pulled over and began arguing.

Police believe the incident was sparked when the car cut off the motorcycle.

Video shows the motorcycle driver approach the car. The car’s driver jumps out, runs to the motorcycle while talking on a cellphone, then kicks it over.

“I’m calling the cops. I’m calling the cops,” the motorcycle rider can be heard saying.

Moments later the car’s driver can be seen walking by the motorcyclist when he appears to suddenly throw a punch. The motorcyclist falls to the ground yelling.

“Dude, what is your problem?” the motorcyclist says. Although he reportedly was injured in the face, he refused treatment at the scene, reports say.

Police tell the Daily News they have identified the car’s driver but the incident remains under investigation and no arrests have been made.