Bikers for Trump has Huge Plans

Bikers For Trump is an organization which is barely three years old, but is already making waves across the nation. They are no ordinary people. They are bikers. Bikers who’d do anything to support the President, Donald Trump. Spearheaded by Chris Cox, the organization has an enviable proximity with the President. And they want to use that to do great things for the President, and for bikers!


Recently they organized a rally to support Republican candidate Ron DeSantis in his run for the Governor’s Office.

Interestingly, Rep. DeSantis didn’t show up at the rally, and the Bikers For Trump barely mentioned him in a rally held for his support! This was because the rally had a larger purpose than supporting DeSantis. The rally was to support President Trump, who has endorse DeSantis.

“The fact that Donald Trump has endorsed DeSantis is all Bikers for Trump needs to know.”

“What I intend to do is simply to follow Trump’s lead.”

Cox has had a rather colorful life.

He first shot up to fame about five years ago, when during the 2013 Government Shutdown, Cox mowed the lawn near the Lincoln Memorial. This stunt put his face on national TV and earned him the nickname “lawnmower man”. Originally a chainsaw woodcarving artist, Cox has also worked for Vice President Dan Quayle as advance man.

It wasn’t all the same when Cox launched the organization in the fall of 2015.

At that point of time, very few people in the country actually looked at Donald Trump’s run for the President with seriousness. In a time like that, many were puzzled with the notion of a group of ex-vet blue-collared men supporting a suit-dawning billionaire Manhattanite. However, there was something about Trump that just struck the right chord with these bikers.

And that was the promises Trump made. The way he worked.

Donald Trump wasn’t trying to be “politically correct” like the rest of his opponents. He said what he felt. He promised to “knock the hell out of ISIS”. He promised to imporve veteran care, and rebuild the military. These were exactly the things these veteran bikers wanted to hear, even if it was coming from a golf-playing business tycoon.

Bikers For Trump eventually became a largely visible Trump-supporting group.

They worked hard during Trump’s campaign. They informally worked with law enforcement to identify rabble-rousers, patrolled the rallies, and occasionally even got into scuffles with dumbnut protesters. All this caught the national media’s attention, as well as got them appreciation from the President himself. Cox was invited to the Oval office.

With Trump in office finally, Cox had larger plans for Bikers For Trump.

Cox now works with a staff of part-time volunteers to support President Trump. Bikers For Trump not only support the President, but also his policies, and the candidates he endorses. The Social Media group for Biker For Trump now boasts of over a hundred thousand members! Cox has held several rallies in support of the President and candidates endorsed by him.

“We are not ‘Bikers Who Think We Know Best’. We are ‘Bikers for Trump’. He has to point the direction. He’s the compass. We don’t ever get ahead of him.”

And this is just the beginning.

Cox envisions to turn bikers into an influential voting block. He wants to make Bikers For Trump like the NRA! Cox is currently planning events in Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. He’s also working with the Trump Administration to combat the opioid epidemic. Cox envisions to have erected mobile drug treatment centers on Indian Reservations and across the Rust Belt. He also thinks that reforming VA should be one of the nation’s urgent priorities.


We found a political joke that puts Trump, an Illegal Immigrant, and a Jihadist together, and it goes a little like this…

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Pointing at the illegal immigrant, he said, “Since you found the bottle, you may have the first wish.”

The illegal immigrant said, “This country is racist against my people! I wish to take every illegal immigrant back to their homeland where we can finally be happy and live in peace!”

The genie clapped his hand and the illegal immigrant was transported to his homeland along with millions of “his” people.

Turning to the Jihadist, the genie asked, “And what is your wish?”

The radical Muslim Jihadist said, “This country is bigoted against those who practice Sharia Law! I wish to take all of my people away from this horrible place loaded with infidels so we can live in a theocracy in Islamic countries and serve Allah.”

This genie clapped his hands and the jihadist, along with every other Radical Muslim in the country, was instantly transported to the Middle East.

Turning to Donald Trump, the genie asked, “And what is your wish?”

Trump looked around at the empty beach, smiled, and said, “Just give me a Pepsi. It doesn’t get any better than this!”

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Knuckle Face Massages: Biker for Trump describes what happened when Confronted by Anti-Trump Protesters [VIDEO]

When Bikers for Trump founder Chris Cox promised to form a “wall of meat” to protect citizens attending Donald Trump’s inauguration from dangerous anarchists, he meant what he said.

They weren’t there looking for trouble, but if trouble found him or his fellow bikers, Cox had told Fox News that he was “sure” they would “stand strong.”

“We will stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our brothers, and toe-to-toe with anyone that’s going to be breaking down police barriers, assaulting women, spitting on them or throwing things,” Cox said before the big day.

Bizpac Review reports,

Turns out, on at least a few occasions, trouble did come knocking, and the Bikers for Trump founder told Fox Business host Stuart Varney all about it Monday.

“We had many clashes of our own. We served many knuckle sandwiches. We had a couple of nose rings knocked out of some protesters,” Cox told Varney.

After one protester spat on a biker and gave him the finger, “The biker gave him a knuckle sandwich, dislodged the nose ring and then he massaged his face with his knuckles several times after that. The police witnessed it, they walked up, they believed that the biker had reason to believe the protester was there to do harm to him, and they told the biker to have a nice day.”

Cox also described another pushing incident started by a protester and ended by one of the bikers.
Interestingly, and as testament to the fact that it’s still OK in America to defend oneself and others, not one biker was arrested.

“We’ve never had a biker arrested at any of our events. And those were just two of the five encounters that we had with protesters,” Cox told Varney.

And the best news?

Donald Trump has created a brand-new demographic, one with sustainability, one that will be a sweet spot for Republicans for many years to come. Right now we’re about a quarter million members and soon we hope to be at a half a million members.”

Source: here

Donald Trump’s Hells Angels Want to Kick Protester Ass

A band of bikers has pledged to keep protesters from disrupting Donald Trump’s rallies—at all costs.

Donald Trump has a new line of defense in his ongoing war against protesters: hundreds, if not thousands, of pro-Trump bikers ready and willing to provide extra security at his rallies.

And these barrel-chested bikers are already making some anti-Trump protesters think twice about demonstrating at these events.

There is a burgeoning political movement of bikers in America that wants to take their organization nationwide, and they’re going all in for Donald Trump. It’s an unprecedented step—bikers are a demographic that has never been tapped by a political campaign before.

Trump has embraced his biker supporters with gusto.

“My biker friends,” Trump said during a Q&A at a recent Wisconsin rally. His new friends aren’t just fans and are now pledging to provide ad hoc security at for their new hero, using violence if necessary.

Bikers for Trump, a 20,000-strong grassroots collection of motorcycle-riding supporters, has eschewed violence—at least according to its de facto leader. But it has found that its own supporters are ready to cross that line—if by their own estimation they should deem it required.

“If that means us having to protect ourselves by taking someone else’s life, that’s what we’re going to have to do,” one biker said, in a video shared by Bikers for Trump, on beefing up security.

Trump Patriots, which illustrated its group with bikers and described its purpose as “to provide outside security at all future Trump rallies and events [and] countering the paid protest[er] agitators increasing atmosphere of violence,” racked up more than 18,000 followers before it was apparently forcibly taken over by the hacktivist group Anonymous.

Ahead of a Trump rally in Janesville, an image circulated calling for bikers to “Mobilize to KICK SOME ASS!”

“The sold out rally is a target of a violent protest which has been organized to cause mayhem and havoc… but in response, Bikers For Trump are mobilizing for this and ALL future TRUMP rallies to ensure that any paid agitator protesters do not take away Mr. Trump’s right to speak, or interfere with the right of Trump supporters to safely attend. WE SHALL NOT BE SILENCED!” reads the graphic, which was signed B4T, or Bikers for Trump.

“It was scary, hearing that these bikers were coming [for Trump],” Mario Ramirez, lead organizer at the Milwaukee-based Voces de la Frontera who protested the Wisconsin Trump event, told The Daily Beast. “People felt like those people were going to try to do something bad to us. But no matter what they want to do, we will be there anyways.”

Though Trump’s swing through Janesville was in no way violence-free, the bikers and demonstrators did not ultimately clash.

Chris Cox, who founded Bikers for Trump 2016 in August, denies any involvement in creating the “KICK SOME ASS” flyer, and emphasized that neither he nor his group condones any kind of violence, and that he encourages his pro-Trump compatriots not to be “hotheaded” when dealing with activists.

“We are not looking for a fight, but at the same time, if someone starts one, we won’t back down,” he told The Daily Beast.

Cox—a 47-year-old chainsaw artist from South Carolina who was once praised by Republican congressman Darrell Issa as, “an American patriot and one-man member of the Monument Militia”—is the de facto leader and spokesman of the fledgling political movement, which aims to mobilize bikers as a legitimate, sizeable voting bloc, and (of course) to help make Trump the most powerful man in the world.

“We’re just building this coalition, and when I’m done with this demographic, it’s gonna be as strong as the… Teamsters or the NRA—we got a ground game,” Cox said. “I’ve talked to a lot of bikers to take the political temperature [of the community] and they were all for Trump… You’ve never heard of ‘Bikers for Romney.’ You’ve never heard of ‘Bikers for Nixon,’ or Clinton.”

In the coming months, Cox and his comrades will be plotting events in future primary states, including two biker rallies in New York, before eventually heading out west to California where Cox imagines “we’ll have the biggest biker political rally that’s ever been seen” in the United States.

“Our grand finale,” he anticipates.

Cox believes that any additional security provided by Bikers for Trump is an absolute necessity because the Secret Service hasn’t risen to the occasion during this election.

“[The bikers are there] so they can offset the protesters, so they can be a human shield,” he said. “Isn’t that something? That we have to rely on citizen crusaders to come forward and provide additional security for a candidate who has Secret Service. [Trump’s Secret Service detail] is completely inadequate. Look at the uprisings going on at Donald Trump rallies!”

For his part, Cox claims to have personally escorted roughly 25 protesters out of various Trump rallies.

“We are not encouraging anyone to go out and cause a disturbance or go about or kick anybody’s ass,” he stressed. “We don’t condone any violence. If we get hit, there’s a good chance we’re gonna hit back. But we’re not the first ones hitting them… It’s not our nature to sit by idly to watch this civil disobedience right under our noses… Donald Trump is our guy. If that means we have to show up in numbers… then we will. We can’t have our candidate’s message diluted and distorted because of these protesters.”

And the affections here appear to be mutual. Trump has praised his biker supporters before, both on stage and on social media, touting their endorsements and even getting personal.

“Boy, do you look good, though,” Trump told a biker at the Janesville rally. “You look good and tough. I wouldn’t want to fight you. You think I could take you in a fight? I don’t think so… How about we do it right now? That would be great for television… But I do have more hair than him, right?”

The Trump campaign did not respond to a request for comment on this story.

Cox defines his organization and this movement by the model biker citizen—law-abiding, politically engaged, family-focused people, not any motorcycle-gang stereotype.

“The bikers these days are nothing like what people have in their minds,” he said. “These guys are professionals, men and women, family-oriented people… And just because bikers want Syrian refugees vetted, and that we want to see a [border] wall built, that doesn’t make us racist.”

Bill Barber, a 61-year-old Biker for Trump (and former hippie and ’60s leftist) who runs the popular Suck Bang Blow biker bar in South Carolina, similarly views Trump as the first true biker candidate of the modern political era.

“Trump talks like a biker,” Barber told The Daily Beast. “His top-three issues—immigration, the economy, and the refugees and [ISIS] and all that—most of the bikers I know are ex-military, they’re veterans. Those are three things that are important to bikers, the issues they talk about the most around the bar here. They believe in Trump, and they want to see Washington shook up a bit… There’s all this liberalism that has taken over the country.”

Barber says that he was ultimately sold on the Trump campaign after he saw “all the political machines trying to fight him,” and protesters disrupting Trump events.

“Every one of the these politicians is a liar, and they’re turning around and calling him a liar,” he said. “Fuck them, I want to see some change in here.”

Ever since, he has helped organize biker rallies in support of the Republican presidential frontrunner, spoken at these rallies, and has kept in contact with Cox.

“Chris Cox is trying to take [us] nationwide,” he said.

Whether or not the organization ever does realize Cox’s vision of becoming as influential a force as the National Rifle Association or the Teamsters remains to be seen.

“9 out of 10 bikers support Trump,” the group claims.