Bikers for Trump has Huge Plans

Bikers For Trump is an organization which is barely three years old, but is already making waves across the nation. They are no ordinary people. They are bikers. Bikers who’d do anything to support the President, Donald Trump. Spearheaded by Chris Cox, the organization has an enviable proximity with the President. And they want to use that to do great things for the President, and for bikers!


Recently they organized a rally to support Republican candidate Ron DeSantis in his run for the Governor’s Office.

Interestingly, Rep. DeSantis didn’t show up at the rally, and the Bikers For Trump barely mentioned him in a rally held for his support! This was because the rally had a larger purpose than supporting DeSantis. The rally was to support President Trump, who has endorse DeSantis.

“The fact that Donald Trump has endorsed DeSantis is all Bikers for Trump needs to know.”

“What I intend to do is simply to follow Trump’s lead.”

Cox has had a rather colorful life.

He first shot up to fame about five years ago, when during the 2013 Government Shutdown, Cox mowed the lawn near the Lincoln Memorial. This stunt put his face on national TV and earned him the nickname “lawnmower man”. Originally a chainsaw woodcarving artist, Cox has also worked for Vice President Dan Quayle as advance man.

It wasn’t all the same when Cox launched the organization in the fall of 2015.

At that point of time, very few people in the country actually looked at Donald Trump’s run for the President with seriousness. In a time like that, many were puzzled with the notion of a group of ex-vet blue-collared men supporting a suit-dawning billionaire Manhattanite. However, there was something about Trump that just struck the right chord with these bikers.

And that was the promises Trump made. The way he worked.

Donald Trump wasn’t trying to be “politically correct” like the rest of his opponents. He said what he felt. He promised to “knock the hell out of ISIS”. He promised to imporve veteran care, and rebuild the military. These were exactly the things these veteran bikers wanted to hear, even if it was coming from a golf-playing business tycoon.

Bikers For Trump eventually became a largely visible Trump-supporting group.

They worked hard during Trump’s campaign. They informally worked with law enforcement to identify rabble-rousers, patrolled the rallies, and occasionally even got into scuffles with dumbnut protesters. All this caught the national media’s attention, as well as got them appreciation from the President himself. Cox was invited to the Oval office.

With Trump in office finally, Cox had larger plans for Bikers For Trump.

Cox now works with a staff of part-time volunteers to support President Trump. Bikers For Trump not only support the President, but also his policies, and the candidates he endorses. The Social Media group for Biker For Trump now boasts of over a hundred thousand members! Cox has held several rallies in support of the President and candidates endorsed by him.

“We are not ‘Bikers Who Think We Know Best’. We are ‘Bikers for Trump’. He has to point the direction. He’s the compass. We don’t ever get ahead of him.”

And this is just the beginning.

Cox envisions to turn bikers into an influential voting block. He wants to make Bikers For Trump like the NRA! Cox is currently planning events in Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. He’s also working with the Trump Administration to combat the opioid epidemic. Cox envisions to have erected mobile drug treatment centers on Indian Reservations and across the Rust Belt. He also thinks that reforming VA should be one of the nation’s urgent priorities.

Harley-Davidson Finally Gets Some Relief, Thanks To President Trump!

President Donald Trump came to power with one promise, with one dream, to “Make America Great Again”! And we really can’t hope to do that if we keep moving our jobs to the world outside. Despite the robust service sector we have, America really needs to focus on keeping intact and strengthening its manufacturing sector. Perhaps, one of the best ways to do it is to stop importing stuff we can make here in our own country.


Two such things are aluminum and steel.


So, when President Trump proposed to impose a 10% tariff on imported aluminum and 25% tariff on imported steel, the local steel and aluminum industry was ecstatic. However, one manufacturing company wasn’t. Harley-Davidson. This was because the European Union decided to play it ugly.


The EU is a major exporter of these metal to the United States.

Not wanting their own industry to suffer, they threatened something which was an obnoxious violation of all principles of international trade law. As a retaliation measure to these import tariffs in the US, the EU threatened that they’d impose heavy tariffs on products of specific American companies largely popular in the region. And Harley-Davidson was one of them. The American manufacturer could have faced tariffs of upto 25%.


For a company that was already struggling with its finances, this could have spelled a disaster.


Harley-Davidson counts on EU for 16% of its worldwide sales, and the increased tariffs would have hurt the HD bottomline really bad. However, President Trump stepped in for rescue soon.


He didn’t want Harley, Levi’s, Jack Daniels and others to suffer at the hands of the EU.


Therefore, he has provided a temporary exemption to the EU, South Korea, Australia, Argentina, and Brazil from these tariffs. Harley wouldn’t have to face the high tariffs in EU, and it can now continue doing business as usual.



Of late, there have been quite a lot of protests throughout the country against President Trump and his initiatives. Some of these protests not always use the best measures.

Blocking public roads and public offices is their idea of a protest. And while, as Americans, we well support their freedom to protest, we really despise such obtrusive methods.

Some time back protesters had held a “die-in” in Washington D.C. This was outside Mitch McConnell’s office, the Senate Majority Leader. These protesters had to be dragged out, since they were blocking the office’s hallways.

A similar die-in protest was held on a road of San Francisco city. The protesters in San Francisco were protesting against the American Health Care Act, which was at the time moving through the Senate.

The protesters were laying the middle of the street. This is when this rider on his red Ducati stepped in and decided to put this obtrusive method of protest to an end.

He just drove through the protesters. One of the Police Officers present at the spot of the protest had to pull his gun and arrest the biker to make him come to a stop.

This is How Bikers Responded to Protestors Burning American Flags

These are weird times. Ever since President Trump has been elected, the nationalists and the anti-nationalists have gone on an adrenaline rush. To be honest, we don’t really mind the nationalists, as long as everybody’s rights are well protected. But the kind of people who burn the American flag at protests just really get on our nerves. It’s one thing to question the authority, and it’s entirely another to disrespect the nation’s pride like that.

So when these bunch of j*rks went to protest against the New York Police Department at the Fort Green Park, they decided to lose all respect. They started burning the American flag! Too bad for them, though, they weren’t nearly successful. A patriotic bunch of bikers soon came to the rescue of the nation’s dignity! As many as 40 members from the Hallowed Sons Motorcycle Club confronted these protesters.

They took away the flag from the fire. One of the guys is heard saying, “I didn’t go to Vietnam for this!” And we can’t help but be heart-broken by these words of our veteran! The entire situation soon turned into a scuffle between these j*rk protesters and our patriotic bikers. And quite ironically and funnily, it was the New York Police Department which stepped in to the rescue of the protesters.

Yes, the very same people these guys were protesting against and burning flags for, were the ones who saved their a$$es from some good ol’, much needed whooping!

Take a look at some of the secrets hidden inside Trump’s Caddy, aka “The Beast”

Cadillac One, or “The Beast” as President Trump now calls it, is more than just a limousine.

The President’s official four wheeled transport is one of twelve identical copies each costing around $1.5 million.

Constructed specifically for President Trump by General Motors, “The Beast” is easily the safest vehicle ever to cruise the asphalt.

Each one of the 12 limos weighs more than 8 tons, which makes sense given that all the windows are bulletproof and the doors are 8″ thick steel.

The windshield is designed to stop armor piercing bullets and the reinforced carriage can stop a roadside bomb.

See all the other tricks hidden inside with the video below!

Harley-Davidson factory cancels Trump visit, fearing protests over travel ban

Talk about a vicious cycle.

The Harley-Davidson factory in Milwaukee has canceled a scheduled visit from President Trump — for fear of planning protests, according to a report.

Trump planned to visit the motorcycle factory on Thursday, and to sign unspecified executive orders there related to American manufacturing. His team made no public announcement about the visit, but White House staffers were already in Milwaukee setting it up.

But an administration official told CNN Tuesday the visit was canceled because the company felt “uncomfortable” about planned protests over Trump’s executive order on travel bans.

The White House confirmed that Trump would not be making it to Milwaukee, while Harley-Davidson only said in a statement that did not have, “nor did we have, a scheduled visit from the President this week at any of our facilities.”

Harley-Davidson also acknowledged that three of the past five Presidents — Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush — visited the facility.

“These visits are a testament to the pride and passion of our employees and their great work building Harley-Davidson motorcycles,” Maripat Blankenheim, director of Harley-Davidson’s corporate communication, said in a statement.

“We look forward to hosting the president in the future.”

The Democratic National Committee immediately mocked the news.

“Donald Trump is a real tough guy when it comes to locking up a scared 5-year-old boy trying to find his mother,” Zac Petkanas, a senior adviser at the DNC, told the New York Times after learning about the cancellation.

“But as soon as he has to face the American people to defend his illegal anti-Muslim ban, he chickens out. What a profile in courage.”

Wisconsin was one of the swing states where Trump pulled off a surprise victory on Election Day — becoming the first Republican to win the state since 1984.

Source: nydailynews