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Semi Trucks Drag Racing

semi truck drag

These days it seems like people will race anything, from lawn mowers to beer coolers. Truck racing of many forms has been around for a long time, as have tractor pulls, drag racing, drifting, so on and so forth. But still, it can be hard to imagine that the same tractor-trailer truck hauling a load of LCD televisions to Best …

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Crash After Girl Pulls The Hand Brake A Boyfriend’s Car While Racing


My dear male readers, so, here is the one reason why you should never argue while driving. And especially not when your girlfriend is sitting in the passenger seat next to you. Car crashes after the woman pulls the emergency brake on her boyfriend’s vehicle while racing down the Mexican highway in this highly dramatic and adrenaline-full video. Apparently the …

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WILD Sand Drag Racing Featuring Custom ATVs And Bikes!


Sand Drag Racing can be EPIC, especially when you have specially tuned ATVs and almost inconceivably cool drag bikes taking on the off road terrain like champs. Racing on special sand tracks, these machines are far more tricky to manage compared with the machines running on asphalt. Therefore, the men and woman who ride them have some impressive skill behind …

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If we’re talking high performance applications, carbon fiber might just be one of the materials that is up for discussion. Many times, carbon fiber construction will be used in racing applications to reduce weight without sacrificing rigidity that’s important for both performance and safety in some situations. How exactly does carbon fiber get to its finishing point of the top …

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Honda Shadow 600 Custom inspired 1930 Henderson KJ Streamline


1930 Henderson KJ Streamline: In an era when streamlining was used sparingly in motorcycle design, American Orley Ray Courtney’s enclosed bodywork was virtually unknown on production two-wheelers (except for a few racing machines), making the KJ an unusual and beautiful example of Art Deco design.

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Orca Killer Whales DRAG RACING Against A Small Speedboat!


We are aware that this video prepared for you today is a `little bit` different than all the others you have watched or going to watch on this website. Nonetheless, if you are regularly following us, you will know that from time to time, we`d like to present you something out of the world of cars, but fulfilled with interesting …

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