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New radar gun lets Police detect a lot more than just speed


A company in Virginia called Com-Sonics has developed a new type of radar gun that lets police officers detect something more than just speed. The new gadget allows officers to scan for certain frequencies emitted from inside a vehicle in addition to traditional speed tracking. With this tool officers would know if a driver was texting while driving, but it …

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This Is What Happens When A Truck Gets In The Way Of A Speeding Train


Footage of an accident that shocked Czech Republic last summer has emerged, showing a train colliding with a truck while doing 88mph (142km/h). You don’t need us to explain how unbelievably stupid it is to pass a rail crossing that flashes red warning lights and plays an acoustic signal. This is exactly what happened on July 22, 2015 in the …

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How Did He Not Hit Anything! Is This Even Real?

hitting signs

This person just got so lucky, and they don’t even know it! Whoever is filming this desperately needs to clean that windshield! This must be an optical illusion or something, how did it not hit anything. Both times we were sure it was about to hit. Somehow it doesn’t and keeps on going. The look opened his face when he stopped …

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Cops Do What it Takes to Stop this Plane!

cops plane

The most insane police do what it takes to stop a plane! These cops are not messing around! They come at that plane full speed to ensure it can’t take off! It looks like he totaled the car. Hopefully, it was worth it. He was trying to stop the plane that was clearly his only concern, and he did that. …

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Did He Just Power Slide an Aircraft Carrier?


Who knew a 100,000-ton aircraft carrier could drift! With a top speed of about 35mph you would think maneuvers like this would be impossible especially when the ship is over a thousand feet long. Well, it’s not impossible for this ship the U.S. Nimitz-class aircraft carrier can turn on a dime. That’s part of the reason why it costs $4.5 …

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