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This Is What Happens When A Truck Gets In The Way Of A Speeding Train

Footage of an accident that shocked Czech Republic last summer has emerged, showing a train colliding with a truck while doing 88mph (142km/h). You don’t need us to explain how unbelievably stupid it is to pass a rail crossing that flashes red warning lights and plays an acoustic signal. This is exactly what happened on July 22, 2015 in the …

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He Got So Lucky! But The Dirt Bike Didn’t…

He just lost his ride home and might even get charged with trespassing… He gets lucky but his ride home, not so much. His bike got run over by a train coming in at full speed. He was lucky to get out of the way. It looks like he might be riding home in the back of a cop car. …

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RC fail, crash & outtake compilation!

Has some humor going on there,watching that tractor trying to climb up on that trailer and fail all thoughout. Funny. Also the camara and cars on the train. Great job,could have added some wacky music in there and made it great,even viral.

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