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Polaris Is Shutting Down Victory Motorcycles

Polaris Industries Inc. announced today that it will begin shutting down the Victory Motorcycles brand. After struggling to be successful while faced with the pressures of a challenging motorcycle market, Victory has admitted defeat. During the process of winding down Victory, Polaris will provide assistance to dealers to sell through existing inventories. Polaris will additionally continue to supply parts to …

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200 HP Supercharged Victory Motorcycles

Victory Motorcycles

Victory motorcycles! Ride one, you’ll buy one. You definitely will!!! Uniquely-designed Victory motorcycles provide the ultimate riding pleasure. These super cool and ultra-functional motorcycles are designed and manufacture tı be the best motorcycles on the planet. They are, indeed. 800 pound and 200 HP Supercharged Victory motorcycles are flying around the track. These amazing beasts are like uniquely designed for …

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Are These Motorcycles Drifting Or Just Dragging Ass?

Motorcycles Drifting

It’s a controversial question that not even “The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift” dared to answer. Victory Motorcycles has created a pretty damn cool video to show off its Magnum X-1 bagger. Riders Tony Carbajal and Joe Vertical from the company’s in-house stunt team hoon the mammoth bike around the JenningsGP track, creating a crap ton of smoke that …

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