Teen girl catches a monster with her home made snake trap

Using little more than a plastic bottle and a fan guard, a teenage girl creates a snake trap that’s surprisingly effective.

The snake enters the trap through the single opening in the fan guard, but a flanged water bottle prevents the reptile from escaping again.

In her video below, the unnamed girl assembles her trap before setting it in place near water.

After digging a hole, the snake hunter baits the trap and camouflages it with some freshly cut vegetation.

A day later she returns to recover the fruits of her labors.

The video below is set to start after she’s baited and hidden the trap. Jump back to the 0:00 minute mark to see how she built the trap.


While many people might have their eyes on the prize with the main event at an off-road throw down in the mud trucks, I think that we can all appreciate a tow rig that finds itself being equally as badass with all kinds of power and off-road ability to match. This rig most certainly falls into that category as the person behind the wheel pushes it to another level and makes this machine do things that we’re not sure we would believe it to be capable of if we hadn’t come across the video for ourselves!

This time, we check out the scene as a Powerstroke powered Ford pickup hits the mud course hard after apparently, the owner’s mud truck broke. Let’s just say that this driver was determined to be a part of the action whether or not his main vehicle was serving him at the moment! While the replacement might not be lifted up to the sky or have any sort of oversized tires, it most certainly is no slouch when it heads to the obstacle course and slays the mud with a vengeance as it goes through the obstacles at wide open throttle!


In this day and age, you never know what is going to happen out there on the roadways and more than likely, if it’s a situation as crazy as this one, there’s a good chance that somebody, somewhere, is going to have pulled out some sort of camera to film it on. With recording devices just about everywhere these days, you have to watch what you do you out there. I mean, you should be watching what you do anyway but you should also know that if you start acting like an idiot, it’s probably going to end up on the internet at some point in time.

This time, we catch up with quite the situation as it unfolds and really left our jaws dropped to the floor. After watching something like this, it really begs the question as to why people’s can’t seem to get along the road but, instead, we have quite the road rage situation brewing. It would include a couple of bikers who feel like the driver behind the wheel of this Ford F-150 did them wrong and, on the other hand, the driver of the Ford who also isn’t backing down. The plot twist thrown into the mix here is that the driver behind the wheel of the Ford also claims that he is an off-duty police officer. Whether or not that is true, we have yet to confirm.

The video below follows the situation as one of the bikers recorded from their helmet camera. This one starts out bad and honestly gets worse as the truck and the group of bikers get tangled up in a situation before ending up away from their vehicles with the man claiming to be a cop pulling out a gun and trying to arrest one member of the group of bikers. I’m not sure about you, but I would be a little bit hesitant to surrender to somebody without a uniform and a badge who also happened to be pointing a gun in my face. Check out the video for yourself and see what you can make of it all.


This time, we check in with a gas can design that’s almost too good to be true. Instead of implementing all sorts of confusing metrics to prevent gas from coming out of the can, this time, it’s simple and it really makes sense. In addition, it’s completely safe, or at least it seems to be. With the push of just one trigger, a valve is opened and it allows the gas to flow freely in a controlled manner, but once you let go, it seals back up and won’t allow the liquid within to escape! It almost seems too simple to be true.

Check out the video below that shows off this design that has yet to become commonplace in the marketplace but we definitely think that it should be. After checking this one out for yourself, be sure to tell us what you think of the simple design that also seems to have some real merit behind it. Do you think that this design is good enough to see garages all over the country? We certainly are no gas can professionals, but this one definitely looks like it deserves at least a second look.


With all that happened down in Houston at the hands of Hurricane Harvey, the result is nothing short of devastating in every form of the word. The hurricane ripped through the city multiple times, leaving lots of people in peril, putting in jeopardy not only their possessions but also their lives as they were pelted by all that this the storm had to offer. It really just seemed like a situation that was unrelenting as they couldn’t catch a break there for quite some time. With a situation like this, Mother Nature most certainly doesn’t discriminate as it was ready to plow its way through just about anybody who was in its path, whether or not they had money and resources to weather the conditions.

The video below showcases the disaster situation that sucks the supercars up in the wake of the storm. We can’t help but wish the best for everybody in Houston as they are enduring some incredibly rough times right now. It might not seem like it, at the time being, but if you’re reading this and are located in an area that was affected by this group of the storm, the light is ahead of you! There is a better day coming!

Drunk man jumps fence to feed bear, loses his arm in the process

On August 15th, a drunk Russian climbed a fence to feed a bear and managed to lose his arm in the process.

The 42-year-old man from the Shelekhov district of the Irkutsk was accompanied by a friend who climbed into a pen housing 3 adult male bears.

The man, later identified as Andrey Sakharovsky, was carrying a few cans of condensed milk he had just purchased from a local roadside cafe. He told the doctors that he had planned on feeding the milk to the bears.

Once inside the cage, one of the bears bit into his arm and would not let go. The resulting struggle left Sakharovsky’s arm severely mangled and doctors were forced to amputate.

The entire incident was captured on video by a security camera.


It’s happened to all of us at some point or another. You’re sitting at the gas pump, or heading to you car in the parking lot at the mall and somebody approaches you. Out of nowhere, there’s a sob story. “I’m out of gas and have a sick loved one I need to get to” or “I don’t have anything to feed my kids”, something that really tugs at your heart strings.

Many of us ignore them and keep on going with our lives, others will give them a donation, giving them the benefit of the doubt that they’re being truthful and need the money to help offset their tragic circumstances. However, there are a few of us who dig a little. Usually, if you ask a couple of questions, the story begins to unravel. If they need gas, and you offer to buy them gas at the convenience store, there will likely be some excuse not to do that. Offer to buy them food or groceries, and you’ll meet the same resistance. Most of the time, these people are little more than scammers, working to get your money our of your pocket and into theirs by whatever means necessary.

The guy recording this video is already keen on this lady’s ploy, having encountered her at least twice before, spring the same sad tale of needing gas to get to some obscure destination. However, the guy with the camera wants some answers, and as usual, the woman can’t really give him a straight answer, opting instead to skirt the questions and play dumb. There’s plenty of evidence out there of people working scams like this and then driving off in nice cars to their comfy homes in the suburbs. We aren’t going to say there aren’t real people out there going through hard times, but just beware these scammers. Ask a couple of questions and see if the story holds water. If not, just walk away and let them prey on some other victim.


It’s something we all learned, or should have learned, in Driver’s Ed in high school, but there are plenty of people out there who have a really hard time merging into traffic on the freeway. While it seems like common sense to most of us, I have literally seen countless people cause major headaches for other drivers around them because they don’t grasp the concept.

To help remedy the situation, we found this video that addresses the proper way to merge, hopefully providing some insight for those out there who need this information. The main takeaway from this video should be that, when merging, the last thing you want to do is slow down. As soon as you enter the ramp, increase your speed while looking quickly to identify a gap between vehicles to merge into. Then, as your speed increases, try to position yourself close to that gap so you can simply merge right into the space at the correct speed, causing little to no disruption to the cars on the freeway.

If you slow down while merging, cars behind you will have to brake as well, which can cause a chain reaction-style pileup, and if you’re going slower that the cars on the freeway, they’ll have to take evasive action to avoid you when you merge into their lane.


No matter what job it is that you’re trying to tackle, there are a whole different variety of tools to do that job in just the right way. With all sorts of different methods needed to carry out certain jobs whether it be because of material in play, angles you need to observe to make the most of your position, or something else, there are hundreds of different tools out there. Knowing exactly what every tool is and how it functions could be something that would be a little bit of a struggle, to say the least. With that in mind, it’s interesting to dive into different places that will help you decipher what some of the more obscure tools are on the market, whether they be from the past or present.

This time, we check out a YouTube channel in “Wranglerstar,” that’s completely dedicated to the different things that you might find to be unique in a garage setting. This time, he comes up with a tool that we absolutely positively have no idea what it’s for. However, once we get the rundown of exactly what the total is and what it’s used for, you can really begin to see exactly why the angle brace is shaped the way that it is and how something like this could definitely prove to be useful. Taking a look at this tool is almost like digging into some sort of archaeology and picking up on techniques that were used in the past that may just present a different perspective to some of the challenges that you have today.

Check out the video below that shows off this unique tool and, if for no other purpose, you will be able to get a little bit of an entertaining rundown of exactly what something like this would be used for. If we’re being honest here, how many people can say that they knew what this tool was when heading into this video?


In the face of terrible situations, there always seems to be a group who manages to find a way to make the best of it. Hurricanes especially seem to draw revelers that decide to ride out the storm and make it a party whenever possible. With modern forecasting technology, there is often a week or more notice, giving those who want to leave time to get out and those who are staying time to gather supplies.

The guys and gals in the video didn’t need too much as far as supplies go: a little fuel, some tow ropes and surfboards and they were good to go. These huge trucks had no problem navigating the flooded roadways in and around Houston following the recent rainfall from Hurricane Harvey, and the guys behind the wheel know how to throw down and have a good time. Of course, there was some good deed doing to be done, and the guys spent some time pulling rescue duty and didn’t just goof off the whole time. There are people to rescue from he overwhelming flooding, trucks that have gotten stuck, and plenty of other opportunities to be heroic while still finding time to have fun.

We’d certainly never make light of a situation like Harvey and the devastation it left in its wake, but natural disasters don’t have to be all bad. As long as you are safe and can do so without endangering yourself or others, get out there and have a little fun to lighten the mood. Of course, if the opportunity presents itself, take some time to help those who need help. Luckily events like this don’t happen too often, but when they do, we often get to see the very best of people. There have been countless efforts from all over the nation to help the city of Houston and its residents begin the long process of rebuilding.