We searched the web for the hottest celebrity babes who love their Harley Davidson motorcycles, and this is our list.

1. Niki Taylor

Niki’s one of the most successful models of all-time, and it’s not hard to see why. She’s had her fair share of tabloid press as well — divorces, drug addictions and near-fatal accidents.

She doesn’t look any worse for the wear, though.

And she’s a devout Harley rider.

Which gets her #1 on my list.

2. Krista Marie

The highest-ranked of our many Country Music singer stars, Krista gets the nod since she’s the best biker. Nearly as well-known for her dirt bike racing as her singing, Krista is no poser. I don’t know if she’ll be able to keep up that double-life but, if she does need to slow down just a touch, maybe she’ll spend more time on her Harley. Which would be okay with me.

3. Tina Turner

Tina’s hotness is attributable at least as much to her attitude as to her looks. That, and her longevity. Now pushing 70, Tina’s been in the spotlight for nearly fifty years. I doubt she still rides her Harley, but I’ll cut her some slack.

4. Pamela Anderson

If this list had been created in 1999, Pam might’ve been at the top. But Pam got herself labelled an ill-proportioned, rock-star marrying, drama queen Diva and her career tanked. Nowadays, she’s nothing but a Hot Celebrity Harley Rider. And I’m okay with that.

5. Jillian Michaels

Next time I put on a few extra pounds, I’m going to ride my Harley over to Jillian’s house and ask her to help me out. Best known for her stint on The Biggest Loser, Jillian’s no loser in my book. Especially with a body (and a bike) like that.

6. Katee Sackhoff

A relative unknown until her breakout role of Starbuck in Battlestar Galactica, Katee became an instant Geek Pinup Girl. She’s somewhat new to biking, getting started on a Harley alongside friend and cast-mate Tricia Helfer. We’ll get to Tricia later but, in the meantime, enjoy the Galactic Goodness that is Ms. Sackhoff.

7 .Pink

Love her or hate her, Pink is a legit biker. She’s been known to ride a Triumph as well as her Harley, and she’s married to a dirk bike trickster.

8. Anastacia

Pop star Anastacia’s got a lot going for her — twenty million record sales worldwide, stunning looks that defy her age, and a kick-ass pink Harley. She doesn’t have a Grammy yet, but she can now add “One of the 25 Hottest Harley-Riding Celebrity Women” to her resumé.

9. Ann-Margret

Another oldie but goodie, Ann-Margret was last known as a fox in the 1960s and 1970s. She was once known as the “female Elvis,” ironic since the two had an affair in 1964. She’s still acting quite a bit and was biking as recently as 2000, when she broke three ribs in an accident while on her Harley.

10. Kate Hudson

Kate’s managed to turn herself into an A-list actress without ever starring in any good movies (okay, Almost Famous was not terrible, but still). How can that be? Perhaps it has something to do with how hot she is. And that she rides a Harley, of course.

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