Truck driver drags little sedan 4 miles before noticing he had been hit

On Wednesday of this week a little Nissan Maxima rear ended a big rig headed north on the 15 Freeway near Highway 138 in the Cajon Pass of California. While the accident isn’t that unusual the distance over which it occurred is.

The Nissan became wedged underneath the big truck’s rear end and the driver hauling 25 tons of carrots didn’t seem to notice the little car being dragged behind him.

The entire incident was captured on video recorded by Brian Steimke in a trailing car. Watch as Steimke passes the wreck. The Nissan driver gives him a priceless look that asks “can you believe this?” while waving his hands for help.

“They’re dragging the car,” Steimke says in the video that is quickly going viral. “They don’t know what’s going on here. Look at that. Oh my God.”

The car with a camera overtakes the big rig and signals the truck driver to stop. Witnesses told local CBS affiliate KCAL 9 that the car had was dragged for 4 miles.

After being asked why he didn’t stop sooner, the truck driver told Steimke he didn’t know the car was there. “What do you mean you didn’t know it?” Steimke asked. “Dude! He’s on your truck!”

The Nissan driver, 34-year-old Javier A. Diaz Jr. of Oak Hills, California, was uninjured but “a little sore” from the collision. CHP traffic information indicated that the 15 Freeway was clear by 3:40 PM Wednesday afternoon. According to the CHP, this crash was considered a true accident and not a criminal incident.

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WATCH: Truck driver drags little sedan 4 miles before noticing he had been hit


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