Trucker Drives Through Protesters Who Tried To Stop His Rig

A video of a semi truck driving through a group of protesters has recently gone viral on social media.

The footage was posted on a Facebook page called ‘Shut Down Chicago Slaughterhouses,’ which appears to have been created in order to organize protests to disrupt the business of livestock haulers in the Chicago area.

In the video, which was took place on May 15th, several protesters can be seen standing in front of an unsuspecting livestock hauler, attempting to stop the rig as it’s traveling near South Ashland Avenue in Chicago.

Some of the protesters even reach into the trailer, interfering with the livestock being hauled.

Despite the group’s best effort to impede the loaded semi truck, the driver continues to push forward, forcing protesters out the way.

The driver eventually makes it past the protesters and continues to his destination.

The Shut Down Chicago Slaughterhouses Facebook page shared the footage and thanked the protesters for participating in the illegal disruption of business, writing “Thank you brave activists!” on the post.

Watch the full clip of the incident below.

Author: Jake Jackson

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